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Chapter 11 of Ninjai’s saga is unveiled!

Chapter 11 of Ninjai’s saga is unveiled! Click here to check it out.

Don’t forget to press F11 for a full screen, clutter-free experience.

Chapter 12 will be released March 15th…

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts at AtomFilms, they are not going to be able to release Chapter 12 until March 15th. They’ve guaranteed us […]

Sick in Bed

Hey Y’all I am so sorry bout the last two days, i had/have a cold or flu or something, I slept like 15+ hours Sat. and Sunday, To top it off i get a call Saturday in the Am That a Monitor was All fuzzy, well seeing how I’m on call, i had to go […]

MOSNEWS The two-man crew of the International Space Station (ISS) detected a black spot of unexplained origin on the outside of the station during a space walk they conducted Wednesday, Interfax news agency said. State Department warns of travel to Mexico border CNN International At least 27 Americans have been abducted along the border […]

Get earthquake insurance

In the United States about 5,000 quakes can be felt each year. Since 1900, earthquakes have occurred in 39 states and caused damage in all 50. One of the worst catastrophes in U.S. history, the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, caused direct quake losses of about $24 million and fire losses of about $500 million, […]

Are You Chattel Property


Most Americans have become unknowing Sureties

and Chattel Property, through implementation of

CHATTEL PAPER for the so-called National Debt of a

Congressionally created bankrupt Corporation (UNITED

STATES) under the auspices of a Congressionally


Corporation called “United States” (note the


difference) as created by the Sovereign States


approval and implementation […]


Carnivore does exist The FBI has steered clear of its much-criticized e-mail eavesdropping system in favor of off-the-shelf wares when it comes to court-ordered surveillance. The agency last week admitted it made little or no use of the system, first known as Carnivore and then as DCS 1000, during 2002 and 2003, opting instead to […]


Now i ask you, does this

? Look even close to this

? yea did not think so! NO I DID NOT COOK IT I HAD SERVED TO ME AT A LOCAL FAVORITE OF MINE ======——-========——–========———=======——–========——-=


Happy Birthday Colleen

Tonight we went out in a Limo, for a Birthday party for Colleen Click the photo of Colleen to see all the photos do not click here.

As the night went on the revelers reveled……….. We ran into friends along the way But at 2am people were a little less fired up…. is […]

Inauguration waste of $$$$$

Is President George W. Bush’s expensive second-term inauguration ceremony a waste of tax payers and other money? hit the comments link below ans vote… —-==========———–==========———-=========———-=====

Krazy Kats

Sharks Hunter, Gatherer, Killer Kat Max got him a rat ….

max_rat.jpg My fat boy can not chase rats, hes too fat……

kittyyy.jpg Now id think my love bug could cath a few….

lilkiitttyyy.jpg ====———-=========—————–==============————–=======