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The two-man crew of the International Space Station (ISS) detected a black spot of unexplained

origin on the outside of the station during a space walk they conducted Wednesday,
Interfax news

agency said.

State Department warns of travel to Mexico border

CNN International

At least 27 Americans have been abducted along the border with Mexico in the past six months because of

increased violence among drug traffickers, prompting the US State Department to issue a warning to travelers.


Move Over, Internet Explorer

BusinessWeek –

Why the rush to Firefox? It’s easy to use and more secure than Microsoft’s browser. A new web browser is

catching fire — the aptly named Firefox.

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Bloodiest day in Iraq hits hard

Melbourne Herald Sun –

ON America’s single bloodiest day in Iraq, President George W. Bush said the nation should honour the

military’s sacrifices by “completing our missions.


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