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missed two flights

I am glad to be home, I missed two flights, one last night in DC, had to stay the night, thanks BA then today thanks United……………………im so tired i cant see srt8, so im off to bed

Magic Mushrooms, Mescaline, Peyote, & cannabis seeds

Today we went to Camden Market its part open market, flea market, & world bazaar………. Six busy open-air and indoor markets, each with its own distinctive flavour, line a street of shops, bars and restaurants in Camden Town, North West London. A very very cool out of this world club, raver, cyper punk store called […]

The Tower of London

Went to the tower of London today. Saw some ravens I swear a person could lose a head in this town…… This is the Tower Bridge, not the London Bridge it is in the USA Duh!

this photo was taken by some dirty neice lovin Canuck!!!!!! =================


I am in London

Sorry I dont have any photos today. I will have some pix of the crown jewels tomorrow though!!!! I did just have some great Thai food…. SPICY!! ==================================

Murder Holes @ Goodrich Castle

Today we went to Goodrich Castle in Wales, The development of “the castle” from a fortified site into a home and administrative centre can approximately be dated to the period between 1160 and 1270. Goodrich Castle, an English castle on the Welsh Marches (now Herefordshire). When looking at any castle of this period, three main […]


Like so many others around the world, Wesley is following the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami that has hit many parts of Asia and east Africa. Below are a few sites already set up to provide information and handle donations for victims throughout the region. My Prayers, thoughts, and much sorrow are with […]

The January 2005 Challenge is to construct a simple Septet Rhopalic poem.

—————————————————————– Recently i was flattered and ask if a photo i took could be used in a contest, to see and maybe even enter follow the links below!!!! “The January 2005 Challenge is three-fold, incorporating an image and the combination of 2 proper forms. Please survey the photograph provided and construct a simple Septet Rhopalic […]

Monmouth, Wales & a Blackface match striker……………

Today Ian, Roo, & I went to Monmouth, Wales,

the town was an alien Norman Castle in Celtic Territory. The castle was founded in 1068, not much is left, execpt the great tower, where Henry V was born. Monmouth was a Roman fort in 1AD. Got to see a tank or two. Even […]

The Royal Forest of Dean & Symonds Yat Rock

Hey Y’all, Today Ian & I went to The Royal Forest of Dean, Vale of Leadon and Wye Valley, The Royal Forest of Dean was designated as a National Forest Park in 1938, “more info” the first in England. —————————————————————- We also went to Symonds Yat, on a 5 mile bend of the River Wye […]

Some Photos for You from the UK

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! ITS 2005 HERE IM IN THE FIRST PLACE ON THE PLANET TO GO INTO 2005, COOL HUH? Hey as i said here are some Photos…….

My first day i had to wait att he airport to catch a bus, so i ate at a… I had a true English fare………The awful black […]