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The trip home was hell

Well i got home yesterday over 18 hours behind schedule, Leaving Heathrow

Airport in London
we were over an hour late takeing off, so that meant i missed

my connecting flight in DC, so Brittish
Airways put me in a Hotel and gave me a

meal voucher. The hotel was a Hyatt and it was very

Even had Granite counter top, ooo ahhh……

Now a nice view out of the planes window was a southern city, the Queen city,

Charlotte, NC.

Dont get all giddy because when we landed we sat on the plane for almost an hour

so that meant imissed my next flight , so United booked me on another flight and

gave me a meal voucher. Now you know you are in the south when you can eat

some Good BBQ at an airport, i think the name of the place is Caroilina open pit

BBQ, it was good!

After a few hours I was able to catchthe flight home! YAY! Here is the waterway

from the plane.

Ok i will be working on a photo album online to share all my photos,

Personal, Family, etc….. so i need a good photo album program, and

Ideas for a domain name, thats what you put after www. like is a domain name so i am open to suggestions?????

email me at wes(at) with ideas or post umm in the

message box to left?



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