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Wedding cake

I found the cake i want for my weddingorYummmmmmm=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=——-=—-=–=

Ok so i guess you wanted to see the cakes we made?Here is cake #1here is #2 sorry no flash?My New Uncle Joey Made the Puerto Rican Bunny mountian Cake….It was good.=-=-=-=-=–=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-

bad cat owners and some Notable Quotes

LONDON (Reuters) – The owners of a cat trapped for a week in the home of a vacationing neighbor have been pushing ice cubes and cat food through the letter box to keep their pet — named Lucky — alive.

Notable Quotes

HOLLYWOOD (Reuters) – […]

Happy Easter

Well i hope you had a Happy Easter. For most it is about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Have You ever wondered about the whole Bunny and the Colored Eggs thingcome from? UMMM no i don’t think so!Maybe it was a pagan spring festival that celebrated the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility, known as Eostre or […]

Lets al welcome James & Jackie to the net!!!!

Yes JL & JL got a pc!!!!! ! it is about damn time!!! welcome have fun update your anti virus software!K2 & i Made 3 cakes tonight, yes three! 100% from scratch. the first one was the test,the cake is one her grandma made every year, she was gonna go to a bakery and have […]

Two good deals!

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I cant feel my legs

Well i got my bike rack out of the attic, then got it on my car. Today i took the bike out to the woods it was wet and muddy, and in under an hour i felt like my heart was gonna explode,i turned around rode back to the car, aqnd could not feel my […]

Chupacabra in London Instead of a tame pussy

LONDON (Reuters) – A London man trying to coax his cat back into the house before he went to bed got more than he bargained for.Instead of a tame pussy, the cat-like creature that emerged from the bushes in […]

Mostly fixed now

Well for the most part my site is back up, i have 90% content restored and 99% of the linksfixed, i hope thats good enough! i was off the grid for 3.5 days.In 1996 i flew to New Orleans, and While on the Flamingo Gamming ship My aunt Clara and Iwere Almost killed when a […]


Hey sunday here and i still aint got that damn Computer fixed!=-=–==—=-=-