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bad cat owners and some Notable Quotes

LONDON (Reuters) – The owners of a cat trapped for a week in the home of a vacationing neighbor have been pushing ice cubes and cat food through the letter box to keep their pet — named Lucky — alive.

Notable Quotes

HOLLYWOOD (Reuters) – They really said it — notable quotes from the news:

“I want him to think about me naked – not some woman he can throw money at.”
— JESSICA ALBA, who plays a stripper in the movie “Sin City” telling the New York Post why she doesn’t want her boyfriend going to strip clubs.
– – – –
“I think they’re doing a terrific job. I was always pulling for them. I’m pulling for them now.”
–DAN RATHER on how things are going on “The CBS Evening News” now that he’s no longer behind the anchor desk, quoted in USA Today.

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