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Grillin out

Did a lil Grillin :)>-=-=–=-=——

Brothers and Sisters

Well here is something you do not see during Harley–=

its Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach

The annual migration of the Brothers on Rice Burners, or Sport Bike Weekend, BlackBike Week, Atlantic Beach Bike Week, Memorial Day Bike Week, now these are someOf the things I have heard people call it this week, Crotch Rocket Craziness, Buck WheatBike Week, Black Buck Week, Big Booty Jiggly Wiggly Week. Well whatever you callIt. […]

Dirty Ash Tray

From a hotel in Myrtle Beach



I was a Thrift store last week and i sa an old Apple I-Mac for $15.00, I ask if i could use a plugto test it out….well it fired up, but without a mouse or Keyboard its only a B&W Display and ithangs with a nag screen…….Well i got it home and it works […]


must sleep-0-00-00-00-

Starwars movie is crapla’

We went to see Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, My Second time, And is was just as bad this goaround………But according to George Lucas, Was Baron Papanoida……Well i think this is a Screen shot from the sceen he is in?-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-=-=

Old Video Game

Raplh bought an old Video Game at Auction, its an Odyssey 2In 1978 Magnavox released a new video game system for the home market: The Odyssey². This new unit bore no relation to the scrapped 24-game system. Instead, it was a fully programmable home video game systerm that was designed to use 2K ROM game […]


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