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its Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach

The annual migration of the Brothers on Rice Burners, or Sport Bike Weekend, Black
Bike Week, Atlantic Beach Bike Week, Memorial Day Bike Week, now these are some
Of the things I have heard people call it this week, Crotch Rocket Craziness, Buck Wheat
Bike Week, Black Buck Week, Big Booty Jiggly Wiggly Week. Well whatever you call
It. is is a clusterFu**! From a Locals perspective it’s a mess most just leave, those of us
Who stay behind pretty much go on lock down, I went to the Food Kitty today after
work, They were loaded and ready the meat counter was longer than normal lots of extra
meat cuts to chose from I bought food for the weekend, im gonna grill out, pretty much
every day thru the weekend. Last year I stayed for the weekend and went to the Food
on Saturday and im not kidding they were sold out of all Chicken, Pork And Allmost
all the Beef, Sold out of many chips, Coke, Pepsi, Bread, And burger or dog Buns!

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