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Old Video Game

Raplh bought an old Video Game at Auction, its an Odyssey 2

In 1978 Magnavox released a new video game system for the home market: The Odyssey². This new unit bore no relation to the scrapped 24-game system. Instead, it was a fully programmable home video game systerm that was designed to use 2K ROM game cartridges. Like the Atari VCS, the CPU of the O^2 was powerful enough such that each game could be a completely unique experience, with its own background graphics, foreground graphics, gameplay, scoring and music. The potential was enormous, as an unlimited number of games could be individually purchased. Like the Atari 2600, the Odyssey² allowed any game player to purchase a library of video games tailored to his or her own interest.

Ok Look how little it took to Excite peple then!
Here is What Game Play Looked Like.

Mind Shattering i know…

Times have changed!
Some of this text was Plagerized from “The Odyssey² and Odyssey³ FAQ
Version 5/12/99 – by Robert D. Kaiser

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