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Dragon NaturallySpeaking is great

Well only three days left before I leave the country and now I haven’t started packing. I have to take a suit just in case that’s what I wear at the wedding, but if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to wear the sexy red silk Chinese shirt, that my friend got for me. I think that I have caught up all my work, and tidied up almost every loose end, tomorrow and Friday will finish the rest of them, and that should leave a clean, smooth sailing, support free ship, for whoever has to take my job for two weeks, while I’m going to be gone. We have a support technician coming from another dealership, so he is coming here sort of vacation/work. He is the brother of our newest employee, and of our company grows he May be our newest employee, so this weekend after clean up my house, get my close washed, get packed, arrange for my cat and fish to be fed, and my plants watered, I think I may offer my friend Jim to stay here while I’m gone. That way my kitty does not get lonely. Well now I finally have Dragon NaturallySpeaking working, so maybe now I’ll be able to make a few longer post, and actually say what his own my mind, and watch the words appear on the screen. I have to admit this is a very cool way that type , and I could just go home in the home and home to it thinks I said home but I said on and on.
I had the worst supper tonight and hamburger from Hardee’s, it was a mushroom Swiss , so it wasn’t that bad, and for lunch a chicken sandwich, and a fruit cup, to fruit cup was great the chicken sandwich left little be desired. Well if you want me to send you a postcard You should send me your address but if you’re not my family are my friend I cannot promise you anything I can’t even promise my family and friends.

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