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Look at this

Hey i gott these anciant Coins on ebay, they were just blobs of nothing when i got umm but aftercareful cleaning i got some cool ones!

I have some others i will get a scan of soon!-=-=-=-==-=-=–==-

Seems jacko di no jackin

Michael Jackson was acquitted today by a jurytoday, I’m listening to the talking heads onthe tube, Its that Beyoch Nancy Grace, on Fair & Balanced Fox, i swear i can not believe peoplecan watch her she is such a condescending, whiny, talking out er nose, squeaky ****. OK sorryso here is what i want y’all […]

Weekend what Weekend

Well with two new sites i got like 100 calls this weekend so i spent time trying to fix my ownpc’s got my media box up just to have it blue screen after a windoze update…….Yay Now a day of tryin to fix it, but no such luck-=-==-=—==-=–==-=-=-=-=-=-

The Back Deck

The Back Deck-=–=–=-==-=-=-=-=–=–=–=-=

Went by my cousins ouse the other day and they showed me a nesting bird……AWWW AINT THEY SWEET?

WHERE IS MY MAMA WITH THAT WORM?-=-=—–==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=

Dinner With Family

My Aunt Lib’s BirthdayI was Lucky to be able to go to dinner with some Family tonight, it was for my Aunt Lib, We hadfun, the Crab legs were great!Now in this next photo there are some orbs….What are orbs you say? Well some people seem tothink they are more than just dust?Now i dont […]

The best Dentist & Staff On the Planet.

If ya ever wondered who the worlds best Dentist is, Well wonder no more……..its Dr Whittington.He and his staff are the only Dentist My Family has ever gone to, & We all have great SouthernSmiles…Just ask my MOM!

Yay No Cavities! Now to those of you who have less than perfect oral higine here ya […]

baghdad band-aid

baghdad band-aid: “Sunday, June 05, 2005” ==-=-=-=-=-=-

New hack cracks ‘secure’ Bluetooth devices

New hack cracks ‘secure’ Bluetooth devices

Cryptographers have discovered a way to hack Bluetooth-enableddevices even when security features are switched on. The trick,demonstrated in real gadgets, works by spoofing a device’s identityand pretending to have forgotten a cryptographic key. The techniquemay allow hackers to eavesdrop on conversations or steal callingtime.

Click on the link below […]

One of those days ……err umm weeks

Well i was glad that the weekends past, my support phone did not ring once! YAY!!!!! WellTuesday the phone blew up! ANd i still have not caught up, then last night a server crashedat ne of my Busy Bars, after hours of windoze disk scan, and rebuilding data i had to quit andcall it a […]