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Le Grande Cirque

Went to Le Grande Cirque show at the Palace Last night, the show wasFantastic! I highly reccamend tis show! If u can you should go see it.

I belive some of the members of Cirque Magnifique, The Nock Family Circus, Viva Variety & The World Famous Nock Thrill Showare involved in thisshow.

Le Grande Cirque […]

Fried yellow Squash Puffs

i came home today got most of my upstairs in order, got some laundry done, cooked dinner.I made yellow squash puffs, Deep Fried some beef back ribs, pretty good.=-=-=—=–=

I am workin on the photos from trip

Just click the photo to see full sizei am workin on getting photos ready for postingwes=-=-=-==-=-

AHHHHHH back from vacation

Well back from vacation and right to a 14 hour day! YAY!!!! a crashed hard drive, 600 virusfound on one pc with still more to go, and a 180 mile round trip to swap a router, plus a few morenot worth the space!=–=-=-=-=-

cool door knob

Yay im home here is the coolist door knob i saw in Londonclick to see full size

Drive thru England

Hey we drove down the North coast of England, the past few days, saw some great stuff, Like the Sun Set on the Atlantic! Yes I took some photos, as soon as i get home ill post them to . I will be going back, to London, then heading home the 20th.=-=-=-=-=


Terrorist Bastards I Refuse to be Afraid

July 7 2005, A day that will be forever etched in the minds of Us all, as another failedattempt by those who hate what we are, to somehow tear apart the threads that bind ustogether as a society, will you extremest losers never learn, that when you try and hurt usit only leads to us […]

It could be your kid

The signs in this Country are very direct and to the point.


World-famous stone circle at the heart of a prehistoric landscape

Avebury is one of the 14 British World Heritage sites and includes the largest stone circle in Europe AND THE WORLD! It also has the largest prehistoric mound – in the form of Silbury Hill, as well as one of the longest burial mounds.

One of the most important megalithic monuments in Europe is spread […]

The Marriage

Well some of you may remember that a few months ago i told you that my friend Chris andGong Ke ask me to perform their Marriage in England, well it went off hitch free! The photowas taken by Anj. it is of me in my Dragon Shirt and the happy couple.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=