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My ac is broken and that makes me feel like Jack….So today i got a few pounds o Freon in, that will get me thru weekend……..i hope.Its blowing 66 Degree air. The last two times i had it filled it lasted, until the first time the compressor kicked off, after that it never caught up, […]

Things are tough in London! This was sent to me by a freind.

Cresta Hotel in ilfracombe, North Devon

We stayed at a great Hotel /Bed & Breakfast called Cresta Hotel in ilfracombe, North Devon.i Made a virtual Tourist Entry read it here-=—-=–=-=-=-==-=-==-=-=-

All of the England Pics

OK OK i hade a lead in page for alll my England pics here it is. I still got three pages of beach shotsstuff life the setting sun over the Atlantic.=-=-=–=–=-=-=–=-=-=-=-

One way i make Money on the side….Yes it works and yes it is for real!

OK this is for real, i am a member, i have gotten my checks each one $50.00 or more!It cost nothing to join, it is the same company that installed the US Senete and Congress buildings.So all you got to do to join is to click the banner below.I SUGGEST YOU GO TO THE PRINT […]

Avebury Photos

i got another photo album done see it here. it is AVEBURY=—==-=-=-=-=

Photo Album

OK OK I got a photo album from My England trip online see it here-=–=–=–=-=-=