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Holy Grail Discovered

Holy Grail Discovered: “For centuries man has searched in vain for this illusive object. Many believe it to be a cup that caught the blood of Christ or was used by him at the Last Supper. Others that it is the bloodline of Christ and Mary Magdalene. But all current and even ancient theories are wrong.

In this new work, Gardiner and Osborn reveal to the world exactly what the Grail was used for. Dating from times before Christ they identify the most original and earliest of Grails – from before 5000BC. In fact they show that ancient man first utilised the Grail to mix the Elixir of snake venom and blood within an upturned skull cup. They also reveal that all the world’s Royal families are descended from serpent worshippers.

With the popularity of the Da Vinci Code and all the other supporting books, this new evidence is about to set the world on fire yet again. This time however, academics, scholars and Grail experts are backing this new evidence and so far the authors have had nothing but incredible advance reviews and are about to take the media tour of a lifetime.

Appearing on radio & tv across the country and features set to appear in over 200 magazines and newspapers – this story is set to grow in the same way the Da Vinci Code did, but this time its truth.

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The Serpent Grail (ISBN 1 84293 129 6) is released 15th Sept across the world except USA which is Jan 06. More information go to

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