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Bruce Lee shopes for insurance

Happy Birthday Bruce Lee. Martial arts film fans around the world are remembering kung-fu star BruceLee , who would have been 65 today. Bosnia’s southern town of Mostar unveiled the world’s first statue of kung fu legend Bruce Lee. Hong Kong, where Lee grew up, unveiled its own statue of the martial arts master on […]

McBride voted out as Myrtle Beach mayor

McBride voted out as Myrtle Beach mayor

Associated Press

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – Myrtle Beach Mayor Mark McBride has been ousted after eight years.

McBride received 43 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election, losing to political newcomer John Rhodes.

Yay! change is good!-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-==


ok Resturant #2 is open, we had two days of dry runs, that = 7 day work week, so now i just have to get all little kinks worked out.So tired need a day off!-=-=-

JK got married = Long Road Trip

I drove to Durham, then Greensboro for a friends wedding, i sawthis resturant looks kewl! Passed by South of the Border, saw Pedro.———————————John got Married click here–=–==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=–

Im Retarted

Halloweenie Ha-Ha=–=–=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-

My Girl Connie in DC

My lst night in DC last thursday i went out with some people from class and we hooked up with my friend Connie, she is a wild and crazy girl,,,,,