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christmas is over – AAACarolinas SUCKS

Well honestly I’m kinda glad Christmas is over, i was the Bluest mood this year i can ever remember feeling, “not a lot o Christmas cheer in me” The one person in the world i wished might wish me a Merry Christmas did not. But on another note I did get my INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT in the mail on Friday, Not gonna have a lot of use for that i guess, but still kinda cool, Got a course guide one day last week for a school i was gonna be thinking bout trying to enroll in, but that’s a wash too, Jeez life has some curve balls to throw sometimes.
So on Christmas Day on the way from Grandmas house the car blows a water pump gasket, i call AAA and 2.5 hours later i call AAA again, they put me on hold and tell me that the tow truck had to respond to a wreck where the car was torn into 4 pieces!!!!!! So back on hold this tie 10 minutes! I’m told they will have to call me back. So i call Grants tow truck in Marion SC and they send a truck, they say less than 30 minutes, meantime AAA calls back they gonna send a truck from over 2 hours away!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told umm to screw off.
OK OK I will close on a high
Meet Hacker my new Kitty.


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