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new logo?

my first attempt at a logo. You Like?-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–

NOVEMBER 7, 2006 Vote NO on the Family Discrimination Amendment! South Carolina Equality Coalition : What’s at Stake

South Carolina Equality Coalition : What’s at Stake: “What this amendment really says:No matter how many years they build a life together, regardless of the children they raise together, gay and lesbian families would be denied any form of legal recognition, rights, responsibilities, and protections available to all other South Carolinians.

Should this amendment pass, […]

how long is long enough?

So after a breakup…………… long before you can talk to the x?=-=-=-=–=-===-==-

G W Dumb as rocks?

What the hell am i looking up Rumsfeld’s ass again?Maybe this is why we are still at war? ol G.W. keeping the truth blinders on!-=-=-=-=- What’s on the Hook? What’s on the Hook?: “# Highest mercury levels in individual samples:The two king mackerel (3.97 and 3.56 ppm), followed by a cobia (3.24 ppm).# Five of the fish species had the highest mercury levels for individual fish ever recorded for the Gulf, based on available Gulf data. These included (in ppm): a cobia (3.24), […]

Mild bird flu strain found in N. Carolina – Bird Flu –

Well i guess this is the first good-bye to my weak sickly friends………… For those of u with strong Genes, well ill see ya after we bury the dead!

Mild bird flu strain found in N. Carolina – Bird Flu – “Bird flu detected in N. Carolina turkeysMild, low-pathogenic strain poses no threat to […]

Confederates States of America

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It was February 17th, 1864, the Confederates States of America was running low on “cash” to sustain the war effort. The Confederate Congress authorized the sale of bonds paying interest every 6 months at the rate of 6% annum. (Great Rate!!).

This bond was issued in […]

Spring Break

WOWEE Spring Break is in the start here in Myrtle Beach, Franco is in town, we went to the bar and played a little pool. Lots of Children in the Midst………….Well its now Saint Pattys Day….so Happy St Patricks Day.-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=


Yahoo! Top Stories – Singer Isaac Hayes quits “South Park”

Yahoo! Top Stories – Singer Isaac Hayes quits “South Park”: “‘In ten years and over 150 episodes of ‘South Park,’ Isaac never had a problem with the show making fun of Christians, Muslim, Mormons or Jews,’ Stone said in a statement issued by the Comedy Central network. ‘He got a sudden case of religious sensitivity […]


I swear i cant tell whats worse being single or having such a limited gene pool sampling to pick from………..=-=–=-