Recent Comments What’s on the Hook? What’s on the Hook?: “# Highest mercury levels in individual samples:
The two king mackerel (3.97 and 3.56 ppm), followed by a cobia (3.24 ppm).
# Five of the fish species had the highest mercury levels for individual fish ever recorded for the Gulf, based on available Gulf data. These included (in ppm): a cobia (3.24), an amberjack (1.57), a bonito (1.60), a yellowfin tuna (0.60), and a hardtail (0.83).
# The most frequently consumed fish from the survey – snappers, groupers, and yellowfin tuna – averaged in the low- to mid-range for mercury in this study. However, other Gulf data sources are woefully lacking for red snapper and yellowfin tuna.
# Lowest average mercury levels were observed in:
Flounder, dolphin (mahi mahi), vermilion snapper, tripletail (blackfish), and gray triggerfish.”

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