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Please clich this banner it gives me turns on this game i play online for free


ThinkGeek :: Voodoo Knife Set

ThinkGeek :: Voodoo Knife Set: “Makes storing your knives a cathartic experience!We’ll get right to the point with this product – it’s a wicked cool design for a knife holder and certainly a lot more edgy than the standard old block of wood. We’re not sure who the designer might have been thinking of when […]


I think that that lady i told y’all about, T. Sanchez wants to play with the MASTER of the Game………………..THIS IS FAIR WARNING…….dont do any thing stupid.Remember i have heard you say “pin her to the cross” now who were you talking about there????????????? Stay tuned

my robots text file—————–



ThankYouSunshineforkeepingitreal!Gurl i needed to hear that!

“He was just a trick! Get over it” Rolls Eyes!Thanks!——————-



What the Bleep Do We Know!?™ & What the Bleep!? – Down the Rabbit Hole: “DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT

The famous double slit experiment – a terrificanimated clip from Down The Rabbit Hole”