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Herald Subscriber Profile – Wesley Tyler

Herald Subscriber Profile – Wesley Tyler

Wesley Tyler

By Steve Porter

The Herald

Some people just never get the sand out of their shoes. Wesley Tyler is one of those who was born nearby, in Marion, worked in other cities, but who wound up back in this area pursuing his career.

Tyler is a subscriber […]

The Secret ::: Official Web Site of The Secret Movie

Hey check this outThe Secret ::: Official Web Site of The Secret Movie


Whos birthday is it

WEll today is my Birthday, and all year long i have thought i was 38 going on 39 well it turns out i am retarded and i am 37 going on 38……………….The image you see to the left is the ULTRA COOL LIGHT SWITCH COVER T and Shark got me!!! I like how the screw […]

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All Hallow’s Eve2006

All Hallow’s Eve 2006

I guess i was going for junkie with this but i got everything from Zombie…… Billy Joel….”his bad years?”

This is my Favorite its aTop fromMy friends Chris and Gong Ke,no makeup…”I HATE MAKEUP!”

here is B&R AKA Maud?And Tammy Wynett….LOL


And Sunshyne….