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Herald Subscriber Profile – Wesley Tyler

Herald Subscriber Profile – Wesley Tyler

Wesley Tyler
Wesley Tyler

By Steve Porter

The Herald

Some people just never get the sand out of their shoes. Wesley Tyler is one of those who was born nearby, in Marion, worked in other cities, but who wound up back in this area pursuing his career.

Tyler is a subscriber to the Herald, which he likes for its attention to local news, although he keeps in close touch with things in Marion.

“I grew up in Marion. I have the same two parents who live in the same house not far from the hospital that was I born in. Not too many people can say that in today’s world,” said Tyler.

He graduated from Grace Christian School in Loris. He immediately went to work for Mid-South Food Management. In his years with them he managed Showbiz Pizza and Chuck-E-Cheese restaurants. In 1989 when he was living in Surfside, Hurricane Hugo hit.

“It took just about everything I owned and I had to start all over again,” Tyler said.

He moved to Raleigh with Mid-South where he became a store manager, then a district manager and opened new stores in Richmond, Raleigh and Charlotte.

“Food service has always been the core of my income, but computers have always been a hobby,” Tyler said. “When I was a child I used to tear everything apart and put it back together. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. That evolved into me becoming self-taught on computers.”

That career beckoned later on, after he managed the Coffee Beanery at Broadway at the Beach for awhile. “We won every award we could possibly win while I was at their helm, and I have managed other restaurants as well,” he said. The Coffee Beanery, is now the location of the new restaurant owned by the rock group KISS.

After that, Tyler started his own company providing Internet solutions to businesses and helping individuals when they ran into technical problems with their computers.

He also worked for Time Warner, helping the company install the Road Runner high speed data system in homes and businesses on the Grand Strand.

Five years ago, the owner of Management Control Systems, a computer consulting firm, asked Tyler to join them.

“We are a technology consultant group that focuses on points of sale for bars and restaurants, and we specialize in loss prevention,” he explained.

Some of the company’s clients are among the largest nightclub and restaurant operators on the Grand Strand.

The company handles virtually all computer operations in such places from the cash register to the day to day accounting operations as well as security systems.

Tyler’s hobby is studying ancient religious texts, writings about religions that were produced long before the Bible. He is highly religious and has been ordained by the Universal Life Church.

“Most of my friends call me ‘the Pastor,’,” he said. “A lot of times I find myself ministering to my friends. It’s a weird situation. I seem to be a geek with a personality and a spiritual side as well.”

As far as Myrtle Beach is concerned, Tyler loves it.

He thinks the area is about to explode with growth like nothing we have seen before despite the rapid growth we have witnessed over the past five years.


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