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Muslim Islamophobe Awards comming soon from a Mosque near you

A VICTORIAN mosque plans to bestow awards on Australians they believe are Islamophobes — politicians, community leaders or media identities they categorise as hostile to Muslims.

The Brunswick-based Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah Association has unveiled what it calls its annual “Islamophobia Award for the worst Islamophobes in Australia”.

Likely to be near the […]

YUMMM everybody loves japanese hibachi ……..

O Yea been craving Japanese hibachi, Shark and i just wanted quick to go, we have 3 choices, we opted for the one we thought was best, we placed our order at 6:33pm, as i was placing my order, i saw a guy come out of the back into the cooking area and he ask […]

information not influence


This is from POCM Red turned me onto this site, Christianity’s origins in ancient Pagan religion.

I know I know im not supposed to present this side, seeing how i belong to the Preist-archy, but how can you make a desision without first seeing all sides of the page.

You […]


Despite the United States Federal Reserve Bank asserting claim that “Washington, D.C.” is over 8 Trillion Dollars in Debt to the Federal Reserve Bank, most Americans today fail to realize that the United States Federal Reserve “BANK” is a “PRIVATE” Bank! Fifty years ago this fact was common knowledge among many Americans. It was […]

mars hoax

BEWARE THE MARS HOAX: It’s August, which means it’s time for the annual Mars Hoax. An email is going around claiming that Mars will approach Earth on August 27th; the encounter will be so close, the email states, that Mars will rival the full Moon in size and brightness. (Imagine the tides!) Don’t believe it. […]


Weather forecasts look favorable for tonight and clear skies are predicted — which in this case will almost guarantee showers.

The clear weather combined with the new moon will create what the International Meteor Organization calls “near-perfect observing circumstances” for the annual Perseid meteor shower, “one of the most famous and popular meteor showers of […]

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