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YUMMM everybody loves japanese hibachi ……..

O Yea been craving Japanese hibachi, Shark and i just wanted quick to go, we have 3 choices, we opted for the one we thought was best, we placed our order at 6:33pm, as i was placing my order, i saw a guy come out of the back into the cooking area and he ask “where are we” to a girl who had a lot of to go boxes open, some had the rice in them, she replied “here” and took her spatula and wisp it by the long row full of orders, i believe they call this “in the weeds”. We took a seat and a line formed as many people placed there orders, some to go some to eat in, after about 15 minutes a couple sat beside us as they waited, some guy was walking in and out of the kitchen, not working mind you, just sorta in the way, making chit chat, then after seeing the kitchen was horribly backed up he disappeared, then i noticed some one who had just come in got there order, so i guess they had called it in, well then another person who had been waiting, but ordered after us got there food, well this is about 50 minutes of waiting and the couple beside us was fed up, so she went to the counter to check on her order, well every single employee was lost and they turned there back to the counter, the lady stood there a good 45 seconds to a minute, she srurged walked back to the table, we exchanged a laugh, so at this point I’m going on an hour of wait time, we approach the counter, they know we are waiting but they avoid eye contact so as not to have to give an excuse to the fact that 12 people were just served, and all of them ordered after me, some a full 30 minutes after me.
Well after one hour and 5 minutes i got this plate of food…please click on the photo to see full size, and if you have any idea what they served me please comment. I predict this place is closed in less than 6 months.


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