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Marketing ploys

When i got to the bar Last night i noticed a new and prevalent form of litter or trash, it looked like a homemade black and white, $1 bill, and they were everywhere, on the bar the floor a lot of umm…..well i was chatting with some friends, when a nice gentleman approached us and says “Did you guys get to smell the new Diesel Cologne? and out he pulls one of those poorly copied black and white $1 bill things, its turns out that’s the cologne sample, well we sniffed it, i could smell spice, vanilla, a soft floral, and more vanilla…..well not for me, vanilla is proven to turn a mans sex drive down, that alone i don’t do vanilla anything, candles, plug-In’s, especially cologne, he then told us that there were gift basket cologne sets for sale at the front door, then he pulls from his pocket a tattered folded 8×11 sheet of paper, unfolds it, then gives us the prices, two or three prices, then points to the prices as if i do not believe him or something, now he must of read the disbelief in my face, because i could not believe i was being marketed to at the bar, i could not believe the quality of the marketing tools, IE. the $1 sampler, now could i understand why an 8×11 sheet was needed to remember 3 prices, if you cant remember 3 prices, write it on the back of a business card, so you can palm it, then speak the price firm, and work on these $1 bills, just cutting them out straight would be a start…………………….
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Below are some points about marketing check umm out

In popular usage, “marketing” is the promotion of products, especially advertising and branding. However, in professional usage the term has a wider meaning which recognizes that marketing is customer centered. Products are often developed to meet the desires of groups of customers or even, in some cases, for specific customers. E. Jerome McCarthy divided marketing into four general sets of activities. His typology has become so universally recognized that his four activity sets, the Four Ps, have passed into the language.

The four Ps are:

* Product: The product aspects of marketing deal with the specifications of the actual goods or services, and how it relates to the end-user’s needs and wants. The scope of a product generally includes supporting elements such as warranties, guarantees, and support.
* Pricing: This refers to the process of setting a price for a product, including discounts. The price need not be monetary – it can simply be what is exchanged for the product or services, e.g. time, energy, psychology or attention.
* Promotion: This includes advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and personal selling, and refers to the various methods of promoting the product, brand, or company. Like in a bar with $1 bills …yea yea thats the ticket!
* Placement or distribution refers to how the product gets to the customer; for example, point of sale placement or retailing. This fourth P has also sometimes been called Place, referring to the channel by which a product or services is sold (e.g. online vs. retail), which geographic region or industry, to which segment (young adults, families, business people), etc.

These four elements are often referred to as the marketing mix,[1] which a marketer can use to craft a marketing plan. The four Ps model is most useful when marketing low value consumer products. Industrial products, services, high value consumer products require adjustments to this model. Services marketing must account for the unique nature of services. Industrial or B2B marketing must account for the long term contractual agreements that are typical in supply chain transactions. Relationship marketing attempts to do this by looking at marketing from a long term relationship perspective rather than individual transactions.

yea what he said!

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