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NH Historical Society – Mystery Stone

NH Historical Society – Mystery Stone: “One of the New Hampshire Historical Society’s most mysterious and requested artifacts – the “Mystery Stone” – is on long-term display at the Society’s Museum of New Hampshire History.

In 1872, construction workers dug up a suspicious lump of clay near the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee”

Mystery of the Bayer Stone Head – Boing Boing

Mystery of the Bayer Stone Head – Boing Boing: “a 30-pound carved stone head discovered in New York in 1932.

200612041642 [I]t was found in New Paltz, New York, in 1932. It was dug up by William Bayer at the age of 9 while he was helping dig a grave.”


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Merry Christmas

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Did Jesus Exist

Well it never ceases to amaze me that because of historcial account people belive in Nero, Plato, Aristotle, Odysseus, or even Alexander the Great, Zeus, Thor, Isis, and Osiris but historical account is not good enough for Jesus?…………………….WHY?

For a person who never lived He affected human history remarkably? The reference work The Historians’ History […]