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Road trip to get Kayak

Well i got up at the ass crack o dawn Saturday to head to Savanna Ga. to pick up a Kayak, Tammy was my Wing Man, and Dashboard disco diva was in full swing as well….

One of the many sights along the way

Saw the Google Maps Project at work, this car with the funny thing on top is a Google Maps car, thats got to be a cool job! Driving around basically i guess!

Well here she is 15.5 feet long, about 77 Pounds.

Drive was great no heavy traffic at all, made it under 11 hours round trip, got about 29.5 MPG on drive up, but a little less on the way back, also started losing Tranny fluid on first leg of the treck back, i guess 90 MPH with the Kayak was more than my 240 Volvo could stand “should have drove the 740” but the rest of the trip i stayed under 77MPH and no more red fluid???

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