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Jestines Kitchen, Dolphins, and 3.00 cupcakes

On a day trip to Charleston SC, i ate at one of my Favorite restaurants in America, its called jestines Kitchen, Southern food with lots of soul! its at 251 Meeting street corner of Wentworth, there phone is 843-722-7224, Sweet Ice Tea is called “table wine” and with selections like fried green tomatoes, corn fritters, […]

Google SketchUp is 3D for everyone

The great white hype

OK so i have heard for years that a white lighter is bad, just an evil abomination not to be touched, to some that also includes the ones with a colorful design because under a thin sheath of colored plastic, is a white lighter…………….this mostly applies to a Bic brand lighter……

Here is some […]


Everyone know’s i dont smoke any more but change is a good thing, i still support decriminalization………But the good news this week is not only cultural – there’s also exciting happenings on the legislative front as well. NORML expects Representative Barney Frank to introduce his new cannabis decriminalization bill later this week! NORML Founder and […]

Own your own home run bussiness…..Yes i am for real

Well to all You who know me you know i have never been a MLM sorta guy, no to Amway, no to Vitamins, “and i even believe in vitamins!” Well most of you know i own a lot of web pages, well i pay for a host to put me pages on the net, everyone […]

Dont let me die in the gay bar parking lot

OK so Last Saturday night i had a good meal, nothing to drink, 420 went out as soon as i got to the bar i got sorta blurry vision, and a tingly feeling in my left hand, i decide to go hit the yard get some air, when i got out side i felt a […]

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As some of you may know, the U.S. government is giving us all some money. Anywhere from $300 to $600 will be landing in your lap over the next few months. For those who are curious, here are a few links you may be interested in:

Stimulus Payment Schedule – Based on the […]