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Everyone know’s i dont smoke any more but change is a good thing, i still support decriminalization………But the good news this week is not only cultural – there’s also exciting happenings on the legislative front as well. NORML expects Representative Barney Frank to introduce his new cannabis decriminalization bill later this week! NORML Founder and Legal Director Keith Stroup worked extensively with Frank’s staff on this measure, which would effectively end the federal government’s war on adult cannabis consumers. Additionally, we are looking forward to fighting tooth-and-nail to try and get Rep. Frank’s and Rep. Ron Paul’s medical cannabis bill passed this session, which would restore states’ rights on the medical marijuana issue and end DEA raids on facilities distributing medicinal cannabis legally under state law. NORML’s first annual 4/20 moneybomb this Sunday! NORML’s many online supporters will have a chance to become a member of NORML and support its efforts for only $4.20 (normally $35) at Everyone who joins will get a NORML sticker, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that once the festivities are done and 4/21 dawns, they will have contributed towards sensible cannabis law reform in America. NORML's 420 Money Bomb

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