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The great white hype

OK so i have heard for years that a white lighter is bad, just an evil abomination not to be touched, to some that also includes the ones with a colorful design because under a thin sheath of colored plastic, is a white lighter…………….this mostly applies to a Bic brand lighter……

Here is some stuff i found in research on this topic.

The real history to the white lighter myth and why they are unlucky is based on four famous and revolutionary musicians of the second half of the 20th century. Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrex, Janis Joplin, and Kurt Cobain were all left-handed, all died at the age of 27, and all their autopsies reported that a white bic lighter was found in their pockets. This is why it is said that white lighters are unlucky. So if you are 27 and left-handed, don’t use a white bic lighter, you will die.

From Stoners

A superstition among the stoner culture that smoking marijuana with a white lighter (especially a Bic) is bad luck. This superstition persists to the point that many smokers will refuse to smoke until a non-white lighter is found. A possible reason is that many smokers will cover the bowl while inhaling to slow the burn rate or use the end of the lighter to pack the bowl. These both leave telltale burn/ash marks which would be most apparent with a white lighter.

I have seen people not like to be in the room with a white lighter.

In Wiccan and Neopagan circles, “white lighter” is usually a derogatory description of a member with an excessively positive (think Glinda the Good Witch) theology, a witch who leans heavily toward New Age beliefs (the moniker makes light of New Age preoccupation with ‘white light’ or ‘light energy’), or one who refuses to associate with or acknowledge the existence of negative magick or Pagans who follow non “politically correct” paths such as Satanism or Vodoun. The phrase is sometimes used as a self-descriptor and is not always intended as an insult.

So what do you think?

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