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Own your own home run bussiness…..Yes i am for real

Well to all You who know me you know i have never been a MLM sorta guy, no to Amway, no to Vitamins, “and i even believe in vitamins!” Well most of you know i own a lot of web pages, well i pay for a host to put me pages on the net, everyone does, but i make money from my pages using Affiliate links, and Google add words… to put this in simpler terms i have a page about cooking, on this page i have links to buy cool kitchen stuff, if someone clicks the link and buys something i get a percent of the total sale. Some of the checks i get are a few hundred all the way down to a dollar, i even have a few nickles i swear they sent me a nickel in the mail, cost more to send it than it was worth……but with that said, for about a year my Cousin Ricky has been on me to look at this “Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing” well one of my affiliates Travelocity sent me an email that they were changing there affiliate program, basically i was kicked out, well low and behold the reason the terminated there affiliate program is because they had a new marketing company to offer 100% of there online links to..yup you guessed it “Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing” so i researched the company, the people behind it, “Horry countys current Tax Auditor is a Manager with this company” i decided i wanted in………………….if you think you want in call me, yes i do think money can be made here, or i would not waste my time!

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc., headquartered in Lexington, KY., has erupted onto the technology communications scene. The company was founded by multimillionaire, Mr. Paul Orberson. Predictions are: this 100% debt free company will explode, exceeding all of the revenues previously generated by any other network marketing company.
Their unique association with the 98.6 billion dollar WorldCom company and other companies such as Lamas Beauty, Skytel, DishNet, Cingular, AT&T and UUNet, Travelocity, Sprint, T-Mobile, Nextel, Alltell, Verizon, GE, along with their superior relationship marketing structure, will make them a powerhouse in the technology products market.

Mr. Paul Orberson, President and CEO, is one of the most successful individuals ever to have participated in the network marketing industry. He earned more money as a representative, in a shorter period of time, than anyone before in the industry. Paul founded Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc. specifically as a vehicle to help others achieve their goals and dreams and become financially independent. Fortune offers anyone a great opportunity to start a home based business in the very lucrative communications field.

So what does this have to do with me, you ask?
Specifically, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc. is in it’s infancy in many places across the country. What this means to you is that anyone with some vision and desire has time, right now, to position themselves on the front end of the phenomenal growth that will surely come in the next 1-3 years. This will, in turn, allow these entrepreneurs the opportunity to build businesses for themselves and their families, generating a huge residual or re-generating income that will continue on for many years. Furthermore, creating a serious diversification in one’s portfolio, not reliant on traditional business models or the local economic up and down swings associated with those traditional businesses or economies, can be achieved.

More importantly, the time is now to get involved with this great company and position yourself and your family to capitalize on the growth of this company and the financial prosperity they will obviously generate, both locally and nationally.

Just recently Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing has drawn national media attention as Mr. Pat Summerall from FOX TV did a profile on Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc., and the success of the company, in March 2002. You will also be able to review the company in the March issue of Forbes Magazine as well. THIS IS NO JOKE I MISSED OUT ON CELL PHONE BOOM AND SHOULD HAVE INVESTED, THIS IS A VERY LOW INVESTMENT TO BUY A FRANCHISE OF THIS COMPANY VISIT MY SITE HERE :

if you have questions please contact me 843-902-3398

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