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Molière, (January 15, 1622 – February 17, 1673) Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, also known by his stage name,


One of The most important things that you can teach your children is that Well-being abounds. And that Well-being is naturally flowing to them. And that if they will relax and reach for thoughts that feel good, and do their best to appreciate, then they will be less likely to keep the Well-being away, and […]

Who killed John Kennedy?

Wow its nice to put an S on friend!!

Well i did my detective work, cant find a person who has heard me say anything remotely close to what i supposedly said! or any thing for that matter. untill i started asking i had not aired any dirty laundry….Alas i digress so for the record “they” were friends before we were, so if Y’all […]

Another Esther Hicks quote

“Walking On Broken Glass”


“Walking On Broken Glass”

You were the sweetest thing that I ever knewBut I don’t care for sugar honey if I can’t have youSince you’ve abandoned meMy whole life has crashedWon’t you pick the pieces up’cause it feels just like I’m walking on broken glass

Walking on walking on broken glass

The […]

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives

Soul Searcing and Self Examanation = Sleepness Nights

“One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.”– Euripides, Greek playwrite

“Never shall i forget the days i spent with you . continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.”-Ludwig Van Beethoven

This is from WikipdiaDuring the time of the Roman Empire, Cicero […]

a post stolen from a friends blog

A friend of mine wrote this and posted it to his blog,i liked it soi ak if i coud repost it, that way those of you o know can have a chance to read it………..thanks Sean. Enjoy…

Here is a quote.. and it’s so true..

“If we deny love that is given to us, if […]


You cannot really disconnect yourself from the passionate, desirous being that you are. It was with enormous clarity that you came forth into this body, and that’s why when you try to hold your desire down, it keeps coming up…Your cork will always float unless you are holding it down. The basis of your […]

Happy Cinco de Mayo !!

Stolen from Shark13

As most of you May know, today is Cinco de Mayo. What some of you May be mistaken about is why it’s celebrated. Cinco de Mayo has absolutely NOTHING to do with Mexican Independence. (For the record, that’s in September and IS NOT Labor Day, though the pun/irony should not […]