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Happy Cinco de Mayo !!

Stolen from Shark13

As most of you May know, today is Cinco de Mayo. What some of you May be mistaken about is why it’s celebrated. Cinco de Mayo has absolutely NOTHING to do with Mexican Independence. (For the record, that’s in September and IS NOT Labor Day, though the pun/irony should not be lost on such.) If you would like to know the whole story, check out: Cinco History.

In honor of the occasion, here’s a nice little Piñata Blooper Reel. Oh the joys of beating something with a bat and then frolicking in whatever falls out. Oh wait, I think that was the Rob Zombie movie i watched last night . . . . .

This next clip is down right hateful and mean-spirited . . . . . . which is probably why I love it soooooo much. By far one of my favorite videos of all time, and only because it REALLY is a great “prank”. If you don’t believe me, watch: Beans Don’t Burn On The Deck. Call it racist if you want, but i definitely call it funny.

Of course, no holiday would be complete without it’s very own holiday blockbuster. In this instance, here’s the trailer to: “300 . . . . and Counting”. Don’t look at me. I laughed my ass off a second time once I realized that a Latina comedy troupe had done the video. Fantastic.

And finally . . . . . with no further ado . . . . Dancing Mexican Midgets. Really. (i’ve always said you can find anything on the Internet.)

Stolen from Shark13

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