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Wow its nice to put an S on friend!!

Well i did my detective work, cant find a person who has heard me say anything remotely close to what i supposedly said! or any thing for that matter. untill i started asking i had not aired any dirty laundry….Alas i digress so for the record “they” were friends before we were, so if Y’all wanna talk shit then by all means do, but please make sure it is about me! I can take it! Thick skin here. Plus i know the truth and who my real friends are…..“Wow its nice to put an S on friend!!”
i was late to the party and the first ask to leave…so to speak. so Y’all got it str8 now? I did the catch and release thats all end of story.
To those of You who don’t know what the hell i am talking about……consider yourself lucky! To those of You who do….Lets try to forget all this and move on for gosh sake! yes Stever you can still crack on me fo doin “no shoes in tha bar” and any other cracks you can pull from this. Basicly crack are fine, snide remarks ok but asking or talking about it, well……………………….

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