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Touch Screen Media Player

—So i was working on setting up a touch screen music media player, but it turned into a touch screen Media player….step one is tagging all my freaking music and let me tell you i got a fair amount of music….70.6 GIGs 13.076 files in 648 folders…..ill never get step one done im sure! at […]

o i can wait till the weekend………………

Well I’m not gonna kid you folks its been a hectic last few weeks but this one was just full of roses, from Mag cards encoded wrong, to coke a cola being poured into a CPU, getting virus’s on a server that had an employees flash dish on it…hummmmmm wonder whats wrong with that picture…..I […]

test post

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I knew that I had come face to face with some one whose mere personality was so fascinating

–I have always loved the following Quote : “When our eyes met, I felt that I was growing pale. A curious sensation of terror came over me. I knew that I had come face to face with some one whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if I allowed it to do so, it would […]

–Meandering the path of life…….

–-Meandering the path of life…….

I swear sometimes life throws you a curve ball, like a lazy Thursday when out of no where a bus t-bones you on your drive home..I doubt there is another soul who could put up with my….well Eccentric, Egocentric, and just plain odd i have stopped looking about […]

Gasoline is going up $1.00 a gallon tonight go buy gas now!! Lines are long! and a 10 gallon Max at some stores!!

Ok People you heard it here Gasoline is going up at least 1.00 a gallon in the next 24 hours, i was at a gas station today that had a 10 gallon “courtesy” limit….it said due to the shortage of gas please only buy 10 gallons…What the deuce?????????????? Wow how unstable are we? if a […]

Find thoughts that feel good

Find thoughts that feel good, because it is inevitable that you are going to always be moving toward something. So why not be moving toward something that is pleasing? You can’t cease to vibrate, and Law of Attraction will not stop responding to the vibration that you are offering. So, expansion is inevitable. […]



Vidoe Sits on the Web

DownloadHelper is a way to discover many sites showing Web videos from all around the world. They are here ! DownloadHelper is also a free Firefox extension for downloading and converting videos from many sites with minimum effort. Install the extension !

Using DownloadHelper, you can easily save videos from most of […]

Download Movies

— is a a simple, private community that makes downloading as easy as One Click and your Movies, Music Albums, Favourite Video Games and Software files will begin downloading immediately. We will even provide you with all the software and take you step by step to download any streaming video from any website and burn […]