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Gasoline is going up $1.00 a gallon tonight go buy gas now!! Lines are long! and a 10 gallon Max at some stores!!

Ok People you heard it here Gasoline is going up at least 1.00 a gallon in the next 24 hours, i was at a gas station today that had a 10 gallon “courtesy” limit….it said due to the shortage of gas please only buy 10 gallons…What the deuce?????????????? Wow how unstable are we? if a storm that has not even hit, and we are under a 10 gallon limit!1 Well that should scare the hell out of you if it don’t you live under a rock or just chose to keep your head in the sand. Ignorance can be bliss, i swear i wish i was ignorant some times…you know like you were a ditch digger and your wife was a stripper so when you get off work and come home, you walk in your double wide, with under pinning no doubt!, and your wife says Honey dinners in the oven a 12 pack is in the fridge, i gotta go to work, and i say make a lot of money baby! maybe i am so lucky in one of those other dimensions…
below are some news stories on the Ike and the Gas increase!
Peace out Y’all
Wes :)>

News Story’s


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