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Hanna Bo-Banna Mee mi mo manna

Tropical Storm Hanna Update:

Public Safety Response During height of hanna could be delayed

Conway, South Carolina – Citizens are advised that during the extreme height of Tropical Storm Hanna, Horry County Public Safety response could be delayed due to high winds. Citizens are still encouraged to contact 911 to request emergency assistance.


Conway, South Carolina – Due to Tropical Storm Hanna, Horry County Solid Waste Authority facilities will utilize the following delayed opening schedule for Saturday, September 6, 2008:

Landfill (Hwy 90, Conway)-8 a.m.

Recycling/Convenience Centers-10 a.m.
All facilities will close at their normal time on Saturday. The Solid Waste Authority plans for all facilities to return to their regular Sunday operating hours on Sunday, September 7, 2008.

After the storm, residents that reside in the unincorporated areas of Horry County can bring their vegetation and other type of debris to any of the 24 Horry County Solid Waste Authority Recycling Convenience Centers. For locations, please click here use proper safety equipment when clearing debris such as wearing heavy gloves, goggles, and boots.

If residents live within city limits of Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Atlantic Beach, Surfside Beach, or Conway, please contact them for debris removal. Horry County does not provide debris removal service.

For additional information, please contact Esther Murphy at 843-347-1651.

Flight cancellations reported at myrtle beach international airport-

Conway, South Carolina – Myrtle Beach International Airport has been advised of the following flight cancellations due to Tropical Storm Hanna:

Date Airline Flight Number Scheduled Time To/From

5 Sept. Delta 4359 8:37 PM from Atlanta
Delta 4305 10:26 PM from Atlanta
US Airways 1799 6:54 PM from Charlotte
US Airways 1065 7:50 PM to Charlotte
US Airways 962 9:15 PM from Charlotte
US Airways 1129 11:18 PM from Charlotte

6 Sept. Delta 4175 6:00 AM to Atlanta
Delta 4357 8:20 AM to Atlanta
US Airways 1973 6:00 AM to Charlotte
US Airways 1521 7;20 AM to Charlotte
US Airways 2310 8:33 AM from Charlotte
US Airways 2481 9:20 AM to Charlotte

Passengers should contact their airline directly to verify status of their flights:

Continental Airlines:

Delta Airlines:

Myrtle Beach Direct:

Northwest Airlines:

Spirit Airlines:

United Airlines:

US Airways:

The most up-to-date information on Tropical Storm Hanna and Horry County Government operations can be found on the County’s website at

Emergency Planning & Response

MBAHA Member Update
Subject: Please Notify Us of Media Sightings/Contacts for Hanna

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce/Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association needs your help.

Media will be visiting the Grand Strand to report on tropical storm-related activities. Media typically show up along the oceanfront, most probably near a hotel. TV media are easy to spot because they bring their satellite trucks.

The Myrtle Beach Area Recovery Council (ARC) Communications Committee will be providing media support. The communications committee is a group of area public relations professionals dedicated to collecting, monitoring, and distributing reports to media from the tourism, hospitality, golf, entertainment, and retail business industries.

Essentially, the communications team wants to make sure news reports contain accurate, consistent, and timely information on the overall condition of the area.

First, take this opportunity to designate a media contact person for your business. If the media should call, visit, or e-mail your business, this person will direct this individual to a committee member.

If you are the media contact person for your business, please call a committee member as soon as possible if your business is contacted by regional or national media or if you see media on or near your property:

Nancy Gray, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

(843) 655-7629

Pauline Levesque, Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association

(843) 421-7285

Business Tip:
  • Have one or two persons in your organization appointed to be the media spokesperson.
  • Keep them informed of any changes in the storm or updates so if they are approached and would like to respond to media they will have accurate and current information.
  • Make sure that all employees are told that any questions from media are to be handled and/or referred to the appointed persons.
  • If you already have a policy in place regarding the handling of media, it wouldn’t hurt to review it with staff.
  • Don’t forget to keep all customers and guests updated on the status of the storm and your particular business to alleviate any potential misunderstandings.

This should keep your business in a more positive position in the media and with your guests and customers.

Stay Safe!!

Here are some suggested steps for hospitality businesses:

1. Make sure we have the email and/or fax for each person in your business you want notified about emergency conditions. You may add to our list by having them sign up here:
2. Make sure all staff those working and those scheduled to work this week, have a copy and good understanding of their roles and responsiblilies during emergencies, specifically hurricanes.
The next few days would be a good time for employees to review their family hurricane plans, including items that may be needed like water, batteries, flashlights, etc. Employees should also monitor the local media for continued updates have a contact person to call regarding your business plans and operations.
3. Be sure to prepare for notification to visitors – especially any foreign workers currently in your employ, all employees and guests.
4. Evacuation routes should be printed and placed in each room with identifying emergency shelters.
Visit for the evacuation routes. Clearly mark those that apply for your property and/or business location.
For Foreign Workers – be sure to explain the process our community uses to evacuate and make sure they have the bus schedules and emergency shelter information. They won’t get this information anywhere but from your business since many do not have televisions. If you need information in Spanish, Polish or russian go to and download International Student Guides they can also be found on this page:
5. Please also post your cancellation and refund policy clearly and concisely for the benefit of those who may need to cut their vacation short. We receive many ethics complaints during times like these due to a lack of a clear and consistent policy and a common understanding between both parties as to what a customer can expect.
6. Determine if guests will need extra assistance in the event of an evacuation, particularity of they are flying. All cabs and buses will be in use and may not be readily available if your guests wait too long to make arrangements.
7. Check with vendors that provide clean up services and the like to secure your spot on the clean up.
8. Bring a post hurricane form with you if you evacuate and have it ready to fill in.
More helpful materials can be found at the Hurricane Center.


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