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–Meandering the path of life…….

-Meandering the path of life…….

I swear sometimes life throws you a curve ball, like a lazy Thursday when out of no where a bus t-bones you on your drive home..I doubt there is another soul who could put up with my….well Eccentric, Egocentric, and just plain odd i have stopped looking about 3 years ago, i was in a relationship for 7+ years, it ended 3 years ago…been a great 3 years, I have been blessed to make many great friends all the years of my life, but in the last 5 i have become a member of my Gay community, I have found a strength i never could have understood without going to my local bar, i never was a bar fly when younger so i missed the WHORE/SLUT years and never looked back. The Community has has become a refuge to me and now i feel like im missing my friends/Family if i miss a Friday or Saturday night.
Along this journey we call life, I like to think i have developed a strong sense of respect for my fellow man and that has direct bearing on every action i take in life.
Well in the last month or so i have met some dynamic personality’s, well one of you has ignited a small spark or ember i swear i thought Smokey the bear and i had extinguished a few years ago.. i swear im kicking sand, pouring water and pissing on it but i cant seem to put it out……so what the hell if i cant control my heart/emotions what damn good am i, years of Ancient Eastern Philosophy and arts..and a solid sound mind, yet i feel powerless over this……
And im at a loss over how i am to proceed, i have over a 100 questions im asking myself and i have more than that id like to ask you…I guess if i get the chance ill ask umm if not i hope this spark burns its self out without leaving a blister…opps too late i feel a little blister allready……..
Ok i gotta go Center my being and try to clear my Chakaras energy……………..—————————–

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