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o i can wait till the weekend………………

Well I’m not gonna kid you folks its been a hectic last few weeks but this one was just full of roses, from Mag cards encoded wrong, to coke a cola being poured into a CPU, getting virus’s on a server that had an employees flash dish on it…hummmmmm wonder whats wrong with that picture…..
I need a Network Admin rule set for the lower turd users, i mean most of my clients are great, some are power users, and a joy to work with, yes I’m talking to you “wink” but some try the very soul its self, just ID 10 T errors, got a call that the LAN PCs cant see each other you run down the try this try this, then i realize no network showing on task so we go to networks and the LAN and the WAN are disabled…wtf..i know cant happen, so we enable them and bam the network is back up………..umm so i say “Man that cant just happen it requires a human to click it off……” He says o yea my bad i accidentally disabled both those….WHAT Why.OK have a great night….Just gotta love umm, also today i was told one of my servers says she cant tell the difference between the dinner and lunch pot pie, or the dinner or lunch other pie…well i look and the lunch items are on the lunch screen and the dinner ones are on the dinner screen two totally different screens….umm should look for more that just a pulse when you hire staff people…….get my favorite call today its one i have gotten a few times now…Umm i locked my keys to the cash drawer inside the cash drawer……..well you should have 2 keys i say……….well both of umm are inside……..and no there is not a switch on the bottom to make it open i don’t use unsecured drawers…..

But at least the weekend is upon us in just a few more hours, and my Buddy Frank is coming for the weekend, some friends ask me to marry umm, a new Jedi game for the Wii looks like it may be fun, i think terry and i are gonna try to drag Dmitry to the Cha Cha palace Fri night, before he leaves to go back to Mother Russia on Saturday…….So to all my friends i hope to see you out and about the weekend!!!!!

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