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Hey check out my Buddy he makes Knapsacks, Civil War, American Civil War, Hardpack Reproductions, & Custom Reproductions, for Reenacting, Re-enacting, Reenactors, Sutlery, Sutler, Mexican War, Mexican War Knapsacks
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Issac & Campbell

Pace – ANV, 1853 Double Bag, Federal Militia Packs, Confederate Militia Packs Mexican War Pack, Confederate Kibler Pack. The 1853 Double Bag knapsack was used heavily by both sides in the American Civil War. Their pack is of machine and hand sewn construction.

Pace” Army of Northern Virginia Hardpack is constructed on wood frame,our period recipe paint formula is used. The leather is “London” finished. The shoulder straps are sewn using the “bullet” style stitch and period cotton thread. The chest strap is removable. The pack follows a French design with attachments for a “horse collar blanketroll ” setup. Brass hardware and buckles accent this pack, three straps for blanketroll are included. Inner canvas liner with paperbacked buttons finishes the interior. pack appx. 15by15 by4 inches.

An example can be seen in “Echos of Glory” confederate equiptment volume.

Knapsacks were constructed of various fabrics and materials due to availability of the products needed. Hemp canvas, cotton drill, cotton canvas, cotton duck, and heavy linen were used in addition to many weights and thicknesses of leather. Buckles and fittings were of brass, Japanned iron,and steel. All hardware was of the same materials as the buckles and fittings. This included the nails used to attach the pack to the wood frame.

The area of Militia Style equipment will give you the most input in your pack choice. Most pre-war and early war designs from state authorities were borrowed from European military sources, therefore many details can be altered and yet the pack, soldier and unit will be historically sound.

Some of the more recognizable styles of course will be produced to the finest detail by us. These packs should not be modified more than in the leather finishes and colors that were correct for the time and theatre of the desired conflict. The Federal Style packs more regularly used the hook and triangle shoulder strap attachment system for easy removal on the march.

We offer several customizing options and combinations to individualize your pack, but not make it look “Farby” or out of period. We ask that these options stay within the Militia Styles. Any requests for modification will be discussed and approved by us prior to any construction. We of course use period formulas and construction techniques in all our products. Leather finishes and colors varied mostly in the Southern or States Rights versions as the war progressed and raw materials became scarce. All our sewing is done with period style cotton thread in natural, dogwood, and white. This ensures the expert hand detailing on our equipment.

We aren’t making any claims that all of our products are 100% perfect reproductions. That would be pretentious. Many are patterned from subjects we have personally examined and some taken from articles and publications on the subject. In some cases “Artistic license” is taken, concerning unseen details, but we always try to use period techniques and procedures.
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