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Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Say what You will or just keep it to yourself………..
This man, is our next President, the 44th of this. the greatest country on the Globe!
No for a moment i want you to put aside the whole Infanticide issue, that seemed to be the #1 on my list, i ask you to resize something, Obama sold the idea of a better America, a place you want to call home, and i think that the overwhelming poll results speak for themselves, that the average American wants to believe in a better America, Hope and safety to live and let live. Look at North Carolina the first time they have gone Blue in decades, Now South Carolina, voted overwhelmingly Red on the State level elections, but Blue on Commander and chief.
Record numbers of people came out and voted this year, i think we made a lot more history than we even realize yet.

That Crazy Barack.. He has cool friends

Heck he has is own Mob!….
He likes to smoke…..

He likes the water

And i bet Family Reunions are a hoot!

I am proud to live in a Country that can put there fear aside, and vote for what the believe is the right thing to do!

So for now all we can do is keep a close eye on him………..


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