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Free Education from Ivy League Schools

Not headed back to school this fall? You could be, but without the tuition and without leaving your house! The web has made it easier than ever to get a free education, and you’d join the ranks of great minds in history who were also self-taught, like Joseph Conrad, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Paul Allen, Agatha Christie and Ernest Hemingway. So You, too, can be an autodidact; the breadth of free educational materials available online is absolutely astonishing.-

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers the entire course content..Free lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT. No registration required. MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity.

MIT OpenCourseWare is a free publication of MIT course materials that reflects almost all the undergraduate and graduate subjects taught at MIT.

How do I find what courses are available? How do I search the site?

A site overview is available for MIT OpenCourseWare. You can also browse courses by department or use the advanced search to locate a specific course or topic.

Grab some larnin’ from the University of Washington‘s free online courses; Greek mythology, American Revolution, Heroic Fantasy are just some of the offerings. If you get tired of that, you can study economics at the University of Nebraska.

Teach yourself sign language from Michigan State University. Browse through the vast treasures at the Library of Congress. View free videos on all sorts of subjects from Annenberg Media, a major supplier to most distance learning universities, or read the core documents of American democracy.

Feel like a little light reading? You can study theology at Covenant Seminary; course offerings are delivered via a combo of free downloadable .pdf files and podcasts, and include subjects ranging from Church History to the Modern Reformation.

Learn mathematics with this extensive list of free online math courses from Whatcom Community College. Visit Carnegie Mellon University and take Biology, Causal Reasoning, Statistics, and more, all for free.

Penn State University offers a free Swedish language course, in addition to a free Hungarian language course. Or, you can take an Italian language and culture course from Brooklyn College. California State also offers a free Conversational Mandarin Chinese course, and you can learn Turkish via the University of Arizona.

The University of Washington School of Medicine offers free CPR classes online, complete with video and instructional guides. You can also take health courses from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; anything from adolescent health to population science.

Prepare for the US citizenship test from the Missouri Southern State University. Learn linear algebra from the University of Puget Sound. Learn about bioterrorism (really) and other hazards from the University of North Carolina.

Get free online mathematics textbooks, videos, and lecture notes from New York University. Take advantage of Tufts University’s open courses on dentistry, medicine, nutrition, and more. Learn about cognitive science from Hampshire College.

Take eight different courses via the Sofia Project, a collaborative effort between select California community colleges. Brigham Young University offers independent study in subjects such as Family History, Family Life, and Religious Scripture Study. Get access to ten free seminary courses from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Learn about human resources in 52 (!) different free courses from ERI. Browse a huge variety of materials in the University of Michigan’s courses and seminars on Internet laws.

Ivy League

Take advantage of Stanford University’s free CS education library. Go to college by taking free classes at MIT. Go to Berkeley with your iPod.The University of Pennsylvania has an extensive online library; over 25,000 books are listed here.

Just debuted, you can take free courses from Yale (funded by HP) on such diverse subjects as the Old Testament or Physics. Watch or read free online lectures in archival format from Princeton. Get a free Introduction to Probability text from Dartmouth.

European site called Open University’s OpenLearn supported by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Contains many online course and a different style content management system. I was unable to find anything interactive or any streaming media, though it does have forums for each course. Appears to function mostly as a large educational ebook library. Visit: OpenLearn

From the creators of wikipedia, Wikiversity describes itself as being a community seeking to create and use learning materials and activities. Wikibooks is also incredibly powerful already containing everything from a detailed guide to learning French to Organic Chemistry and Nanotechnology. Visit: Wikiversity
Visit: Wikibooks

Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health offers health based lecture notes and assigments. You’ll find the JHSPH OCW website uses the same familiar navigation structure as MIT OCW. The notes are formatted much more cleanly but I haven’t seen exams, and their search bar seems to be broken. Visit: JHSPH OCW Course Listings
Visit: Johns Hopkins University Podcasts

Carnegie Mellon is a private research university ranked equal with Berkeley. Though registration is not required they have a registered user mode that allows you to keep track of your scores and progress. Currently 11 courses are offered. The courses are basically ebooks in a frame-based easy to use navigation system with an occasional powerful interactive Java Applet for practice and testing. Visit: Carnegie Mellon OLI

Ranked as the #1 public school in the United States, Berkeley offers podcasts and webcasts of amazing professors lecturing. Each course has an RSS feed so you can track each new lecture. For printable assignments and notes you can check the professors homepage, which is usually given in the first lecture or google his name. Even though the notes, homework and tests are not directly printed in the berkeley website, as they are in MIT and other courseware sites, it’s not a problem to find them. Visit: Berkeley Webcasts
Visit: Berkeley RSS Feeds
Visit: UC Berkeley on Google Video

More Sites :

A Great site Education-Portal Your guide to undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, career education and online degree programs

Google tricks

Using the right keywords, find course syllabi (insert your own subject), lectures, tutorials, notes, podcasts, and various sorts of online books using Google.

Free Online Courses from Great Universities

Download free courses & lectures from some of the world’s leading universities, including Stanford, Yale, Berkeley, MIT, Oxford, Harvard and others.

Humanities & Social Sciences


  • Introduction to Archaeology FeedMP3s – Ruth Tringham, UC Berkeley


  • Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes (Video)iTunes – Jan Wampler, MIT

Cultural Studies

  • Foundations of American CybercultureiTunesFeed – Greg Niemeyer, UC Berkeley
  • Heritage and Cultural InformaticsMP3s, Ian Anderson, University of Glasgow
  • Introduction to NonviolenceiTunesFeed – Michael Nagler, UC Berkeley


  • American Economic HistoryiTunesFeedStream – J. Bradford Delong, UC Berkeley
  • Economic Geography of the Industrial WorldiTunesFeedMP3s – Richard Walker, UC Berkeley.
  • Financial MarketsDownload Course – Robert Shiller, Yale
  • Game TheoryDownload Course – Ben Polak, Yale
  • Macroeconomic AnalysisiTunes Feed – Steven Wood, UC Berkeley
  • Microeconomic AnalysisiTunesFeed – Gordon Rausser, UC Berkeley
  • Money and BankingFeedMP3s – Dean Balm, UCLA
  • Reading Marx’s CapitalGoogle Video – David Harvey, City University of New York


  • Economic Geography of the Industrial WorldiTunes – Richard Walker, UC Berkeley
  • Geography of US Presidential ElectionsiTunesYouTube – Martin Lewis, Stanford
  • Geography of World Cultures iTunes – Martin Lewis, Stanford University
  • Global GeopoliticsiTunes – Martin Lewis, Stanford University
  • GlobalizationiTunesFeedMP3s – Robert Acker, UC Berkeley
  • Natural Resources and PopulationiTunesFeed – Nathan Sayre, UC Berkeley
  • World Regions, People and StatesiTunesFeed – Nathan Sayre, UC Berkeley


  • African-American History: Modern Freedom StruggleYouTube – Clay Carson, Stanford
  • American Economic HistoryiTunesFeedStream – J. Bradford Delong, UC Berkeley
  • American Environmental and Cultural HistoryiTunesFeed – Carolyn Merchant, UC Berkeley
  • Colonial and Revolutionary AmericaiTunesU – Jack Rakove, Stanford
  • European Civilization from Renaissance to PresentiTunesFeed – Thomas Lacquer/Margret Anderson, UC Berkeley
  • European Civilization from Renaissance to PresentFeedStream – Carla Hesse, UC Berkeley
  • France Since 1871Download Course – John Merriman, Yale
  • HannibaliTunes – Patrick Hunt, Stanford.
  • Historical JesusiTunes – Thomas Sheehan, Stanford University
  • History of the International SystemiTunes – James Sheehan, Stanford University
  • Introduction to Greek HistoryDownload Course – Donald Kagan, Yale
  • Modern Physics: From the Atom to Big ScienceiTunesFeedStream – Cathryn Carson, UC Berkeley
  • Spectacle Entertainments of Ancient RomeFeedMP3s – Paolo Monella, UCLA
  • The Ancient Mediterranean WorldiTunesFeed – MP3s – Isabelle Pafford, UC Berkeley
  • The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877 Download Course – David Blight, Yale
  • The Rise and Fall of the Second ReichiTunesFeedMP3s – Margaret Anderson, UC Berkeley
  • The Roman EmpireiTunesFeedMP3s – Isabelle Pafford, UC Berkeley
  • The Western Tradition (Video)VideosCourse Outline – Eugen Weber, UCLA
  • US History: Civil War to PresentiTunesFeed– Jennifer Burns, UC Berkeley


  • Existentialism in Literature & Film iTunesFeed – Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley
  • Man, God and Society in Western LiteratureiTunesFeed – Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley
  • MiltonDownload Course – John Rogers, Yale
  • Modern English Download Course – Langdon Hammer, Yale
  • Old English in Context iTunes – Stuart Lee, Oxford University
  • ShakespeareiTunesFeedMP3s – Charles Altieri, UC Berkeley
  • The American Novel Since 1945Download Course – Amy Hungerford, Yale
  • The Literature of CrisisiTunes – Marsh McCall & Martin Evans, Stanford University
  • Virgil’s Aeneid: Anatomy of a ClassiciTunes – Susanna Braund, Stanford University


  • Ancient PhilosophyiTunesFeedStream – David Ebrey, UC Berkeley
  • ConsciousnessMP3s here – Susan Stuart, University of Glasgow
  • DeathDownload Course – Shelly Kagan, Yale
  • Existentialism in Literature & FilmiTunesFeed – Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley
  • HeideggeriTunesFeedMP3s – Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley
  • Heidegger’s Being & TimeFeedMP3s – Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley
  • Introduction to Practical Reasoning and Critical Analysis of Argument, iTunes – Daniel Coffeen, UC Berkeley
  • Kant’s EpistemologyiTunes – Dr Susan Stuarts, University of Glasgow.
  • Man, God and Society in Western LiteratureiTunesFeed – Web Site, Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley
  • Proust & PhilosophyFeed – Johns Hopkins
  • The Examined LifeiTunes – Greg Reihman, Lehigh University

Political Science, International Relations and Law

  • American Politics: Campaign StrategyiTunesFeedMP3s – Dan Schnur, UC Berkeley
  • Climate Change: Law and PolicyiTunesFeedStream – Cymie Payne
  • Environmental Law and PolicyiTunes – Holly Doremus, UC Berkeley
  • Geography of US Presidential Elections – iTunesYouTube – Martin Lewis, Stanford
  • International PoliticsFeed – Johns Hopkins
  • Introduction to German PoliticsiTunesFeed – Andreas Busch, Oxford University
  • Introduction to Political PhilosophyDownload Course, Steven B. Smith, Yale
  • Introduction to Political TheoryFeed – UCLA
  • Issues in Foreign Policy after 911iTunesFeedMP3s – Harry Kriesler, UC Berkeley
  • Justice: A Journey in Moral Reasoning (Video)Video – Michael Sandel, Harvard
  • Perspectives on China (Video)Video – Roderick MacFarquhar, Harvard
  • Politics and StrategyFeedMP3s – Kathleen Bawn, UCLA
  • RepublicanismFeed – Johns Hopkins
  • Theories of Law and SocietyiTunesFeed – David Lieberman, UC Berkeley
  • Undergrad Colloquium on Political ScienceiTunesFeed – Alan Ross, UC Berkeley


  • Historical JesusiTunes – Thomas Sheehan, Stanford University
  • Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)Download Course – Christine Hayes, Yale.


  • The Sociology of Race RelationsiTunes – Gianpaolo Baiocchi, UMASS Amherst

Urban Studies

  • Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry (Video)iTunesDownload Course – Anne Whiston Spirn, MIT

Sciences Aeronautics


  • Astrobiology and Space ExplorationiTunes – Lynn Rotschild, Stanford
  • Astronomy 101iTunesWeb Site – Scott Miller, Mercedes Richards & Stephen Redman, Penn State
  • Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics Download Course – Charles Bailyn, Yale
  • Introduction to General AstronomyiTunesFeed – Alex Filippenko, UC Berkeley


  • Animal BehavioriTunesFeed – Roy Caldwell, UC Berkeley
  • Animal BehavioriTunesDownload Course – Gerald Schneider, MIT
  • Behavioral EndocrinologyFeed – Johns Hopkins
  • Bioscience in the 21st CenturyiTunesVideo Downloads – Team taught, Lehigh University
  • Darwin’s LegacyiTunesYouTube – Team taught – Stanford
  • Frontiers in Biomedical EngineeringDownload Course – W. Mark Saltzman, Yale
  • General Biology 1 Feed – John Hopkins
  • General Biology 1iTunes – Multiple Professors, UC Berkeley
  • General Biology 2 iTunesMp3 Stream – Multiple professors, UC Berkeley
  • General Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyiTunesFeed – Multiple professors, UC Berkeley
  • General Human AnatomyiTunesFeed – Marian Diamond, UC Berkeley
  • Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Agriculture, and LawFeedMP3s here, Robert B. Goldberg, UCLA
  • GeneticsFeedMP3s here – Jay Phelan, UCLA
  • General GeneticsiTunes – Multiple Professors, UC Berkeley.
  • Genomics & Computational BiologyiTunesMP3s – George Church, MIT
  • Introductory BiologyiTunesMP3s/Videos – Multiple professors, MIT
  • Introduction to Human NutritioniTunesFeed – Nancy Amy, UC Berkeley
  • Life Sciences 15 Feed – UCLA
  • Molecules and CellsFeed – Johns Hopkins
  • Replaceable You: Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering – iTunes – Jill Helms, Stanford
  • Straight Talk About Stem CellsiTunes – Christopher Scott, Stanford
  • Stem Cells: Policy and Ethics iTunes – Christopher Scott, Stanford


  • Biochemistry 1YouTube – S. Dasgupta, IIT
  • Biochemistry 507iTunes – Multiple Professors, University of Wisconsin
  • Chemical Structure and ReactivityiTunesFeedStream – Peter Vollhardt, UC Berkeley
  • General ChemistryiTunesFeedStream – Kristie Boering, UC Berkeley
  • Introduction to ChemistryiTunesFeed – Multiple professors, UC Berkeley

Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence – Introduction to RoboticsMultiple formats – Oussama Khatib, Stanford
  • Artificial Intelligence – Natural Language ProcessingMultiple formats – Christopher Manning, Stanford
  • Artificial Intelligence – Machine LearningMultiple formats – Andrew Ng, Stanford
  • Artificial IntelligenceYouTube – P.Dasgupta, IIT
  • Computer GraphicsYouTube – Sukhendu Das, IIT
  • Computer NetworksYouTube – S.Ghosh, IIT
  • Computer Science 1Feed – UCLA
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures YouTube – Kamala Krithivasan, IIT
  • Introduction to Computer Science: Programming MethodologyMultiple formats – Mehran Sahami, Stanford
  • Introduction to Computer Science: Programming Abstractions – Multiple formats – Julie Zelenski, Stanford
  • Introduction to Computer Science: Programming Paradigms – Multiple formats – Jerry Cain, Stanford
  • Introduction to ComputersFeed – Americ Azevedo, UC Berkeley
  • Introduction to Computer GraphicsYouTube – Prem Kalra, IIT
  • Introduction to Problem Solving & ProgrammingYouTube – Deepak Gupta, IIT
  • Multimedia Systems iTunes – Surendar Chandra, Notre Dame
  • Operating Systems and System ProgrammingiTunesFeed – Multiple professors, UC Berkeley
  • Operating Systems PrinciplesiTunes – Surendar Chandra, Notre Dame
  • The Future of the InternetiTunes – Ramesh Johari, Stanford
  • The Structure and Interpretation of Computer ProgramsiTunesVideo FeedStream – Brian Harvey
  • Understanding Computers and the InternetiTunesFeed – David Malan, Harvard University

Earth Sciences

  • Atmospheric and Oceanic SciencesMP3Feed – Bjorn Stevens, UCLA
  • Crossroads of Earth Resources and SocietyiTunesFeedMP3s – George Brimhall, UC Berkeley

Engineering (Mechanical, Civil and Electrical)

  • Advanced Analog Integrated CircuitsiTunesMP3s – Ali Niknejad, UC Berkeley
  • Convex Optimization IMultiple Formats – Stephen Boyd, Stanford
  • Convex Optimization 2Multiple Formats – Stephen Boyd, Stanford
  • Dynamics of MachinesYouTube – Amitabha Ghosh, IIT
  • Electrical – Digital Signal Processing YouTube – S.C Dutta Roy, IIT
  • Electro Magnetic FieldsYouTube – Harishankar Ramachandran, III
  • Environmental Air PollutionYouTube -Mukesh Sharma, IIT
  • Fluid MechanicsiTunesFeed – Omer Savas, UC Berkeley
  • Fluid MechanicsYouTube – T.I.Eldho, IIT
  • Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits iTunesFeedStream – Elad Alon
  • Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems Multiple formats – Stephen Boyd, Stanford
  • Introduction to Microelectronic CircuitsiTunesFeed – Chang-Hasnain, UC Berkeley
  • Introduction to Digital ElectronicsiTunesFeedMP3s – Bernhard Boser, UC Berkeley
  • Introduction to EngineeringiTunes – Multiple presenters, Duke University
  • The Fourier Transform and its ApplicationsMultiple formats – Brad Osgood, Stanford
  • Time, Money and Love in the Age of TechnologyiTunes – Americ Azevedo, UC Berkeley
  • Venture Design: The Startup CompanyiTunes – Americ Azevedo, UC Berkeley


  • Earthquakes in Your BackyardiTunesFeed – Richard Allen, UC Berkeley

Information Sciences

  • History of InformationiTunesFeed – Paul Duguid, UC Berkeley
  • Information, Law and PolicyiTunes – Paul Sameulson, UC Berkeley
  • Open Source and Distribution of Digital Information iTunesFeed – Multiple Professors, UC Berkeley
  • Search Engines: Technology, Society and BusinessiTunes – Marti Hearst, UC Berkeley


  • Core Science MathematicsYouTube – SK Ray, IIT
  • Introduction to StatisticsiTunes – Fletcher Ibser, UC Berkeley
  • The Calculus LifesaverDownload Videos – Adrian Banner, Princeton

Natural Resources

  • Wildlife EcologyiTunesFeed – Justin Brashares, UC Berkeley
  • Woods Energy SeminariTunes – Multiple Professors, Stanford


  • Electricity and MagnetismiTunesVideo Download – Walter Lewin, MIT
  • Fundamentals of PhysicsDownload Course – Ramamurti Shankar, Yale
  • Introduction to Solar System AstronomyiTunesFeed – Richard Pogge, Ohio State
  • Introductory PhysicsiTunes – Robert Jacobsen, UC Berkeley
  • Modern Theoretical Physics: Classic Mechanics (Video) – iTunesYouTube – Leonard Susskind, Stanford
  • Modern Theoretical Physics: Quantum Mechanics (Video) – iTunesYouTube – Leonard Susskind, Stanford
  • Modern Theoretical Physics: Special Relativity (Video) – iTunesYouTube – Leonard Susskind, Stanford
  • Quantum Entanglement Part 1: (Video) – iTunesYouTube – Leonard Susskind, Stanford University
  • Quantum Entanglement Part 3: (Video) – iTunesYouTube – Leonard Susskind, Stanford University
  • Quantum MechanicsiTunesFeedMP3s – Raphael Bousso, UC Berkeley
  • Quantum MechanicsiTunesFeed – John Terning, UC Davis
  • Physics I: Classical MechanicsiTunesVideo Download – Walter Lewin, MIT
  • Physics III: Vibrations and WavesiTunesVideo Download – Walter Lewin, MIT
  • Physics for Future PresidentsiTunesFeedMP3s – Richard Muller, UC Berkeley
  • Physics for Scientists and EngineersiTunesFeed – Steven Boggs, UC Berkeley
  • Stars, Galaxies, and the UniverseiTunesFeed – Richard Pogge, Ohio State
  • String Theory, Black Holes, and the Laws of Nature (Video)Videos – Andrew Strominger, Harvard

Psychology & Cognitive Sciences

  • Brain Structure and its OriginsiTunesDownload Course – Gerald Schneider, MIT
  • Clinical PsychologyiTunes – Keltner & Chen, UC Berkeley
  • Cognitive NeuroscienceiTunesFeedStream – Richard Ivry, UC Berkeley
  • Depression: Anxiety Disorders and ExerciseMP4 – UCSF
  • Depression: Psychiatric Pitfalls & TreatmentMP4 – UCSF
  • General PsychologyiTunesFeed – John Kihlstrom, UC Berkeley
  • History of PsychologyFeed – City University of New York
  • Human EmotioniTunesFeed – Dacher Keltner, UC Berkeley
  • Introduction to Cognitive PsychologyiTunesFeed – David Huber
  • Introduction to PsychologyDownload Course, Paul Bloom, Yale
  • Introduction to PsychologyiTunesMP3s – Jeremy Wolfe, MIT
  • Introductory PsychologyFeed – UCLA
  • Neuroscience and BehavioriTunesDownload Course – Gerald Schneider, MIT
  • Social PsychologyiTunesFeed – Multiple professors, UC Berkeley
  • Social PsychologyFeedMP3s here – Benjamin R. Karney, UCLA


  • Entrepreneurship and Business PlanningiTunesFeed – Mark Juliano, Carnegie Mellon
  • Marketing 321iTunes – Elaine Daussy, Texas A&M

General Open Course Collections

Online only:

DeVry University

University of Phoenix

Walden University

AIU Online

Strayer University Online

Westwood College Online

Colorado Technical University Online

Keiser University eCampus Online

Kaplan University

Capella University


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