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Cell Phone Insurance Asurion Vs. Square Trade

Cell Phone Insurance Asurion Vs. Square Trade

So i got the new T-Mobile MyTouch Google Android Phone and i got insurance, or did i but a scam? Well T-Mobile uses a company well the web is full of people complaining about them…so i looked at me coverage ad it seems that after 5.99 a month they will need 180.00 deductible! so if after a year i file a claim i will have paid 72.00 pkus they will want 130.00 thats 200.00 & they send a refurbished or used phone back to me……..well i found a higher rated insurance company now this company charges 4.00 a month “paid up front” and they have

  • $4 / month for warranty + accidental damage coverage.detailsJust $96 for 2 years of warranty + protection against spills, drops and other accidents. Cancel at any time for a full pro-rated refund.
  • No refurbished phone replacements.detailsGet the new phone of your choice! If we can’t fix your phone, we’ll pay you the full replacement cost – up to a maximum of $399.

From The WebSite
“Our warranties make sense. Our prices average 40% less than most retailers. Every warranty comes with a 5-day service guarantee you won’t find anywhere else. We take a hands-on approach to servicing claims so we can make sure everything’s done right, with a minimum amount of hassle. That’s why we are the only warranty provider consistently rated 5-stars by consumers.

All our warranties are underwritten by Amtrust Inc., an A- rated insurer with $1 Billion+ in assets. We work with over 20,000 sellers who refer their buyers to SquareTrade for their warranty needs. We pay out thousands of claims each month and are consistently rated 5-stars for our consumer-centric service.”

FROM THE T-MOBILE WEBSITE see for yourself

Premium Handset Protection Bundle

(Insurance & Warranty)

Monthly Charge $5.99
Loss Yes
Theft Yes
Damage Yes
Malfunction Yes
Deductible Deductible is non-refundable
Warranty Processing Fee $0
Per Claim Limit 2 Claims in 12 months



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