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Who will be King of the Redneck Riviera….


Last year, unshaven, he bought a bong at a head shop on the Boulevard in a publicized effort to expose paraphernalia sales in Myrtle Beach. He also led the council in tackling obscene t-shirt sales.

McBride also opposed a gay nightclub near the Pavilion. He denies reports that he called homosexuals ‘trash’ but is on record as disapproving of their ‘life-style.’ McBride said that his problem with the nightclub had nothing to do with homophobia; he was simply holding true to his ‘traditional family values.’

Bottom-feeding became an Olympic sport in the mayoral election, with a political ad featuring caricatures of Burroughs & Chapin CEO and President Doug Wendel as a cartoon puppeteer, a godfather fingering the strings of a marionette Mayor Grissom.

Burroughs & Chapin called the cartoon ‘vile and despicable.’

While McBride campaigned against Grissom’s coziness with Burroughs & Chapin, the mayor-elect and the company seem to be singing from the same hymnal. ………….A press conference was held the morning of Nov. 25 at the Official All-Star Cafe to discuss the ninth annual Gay and Lesbian Pride March and Festival, to be held in Myrtle Beach April 30-May 3. Gay activists projected a crowd of 10,000. By midday, Burroughs & Chapin was pressuring its tenants to back out of commitments to open their venues to the march. A spokesperson for Burroughs & Chapin said gay activists “have every right to have their march.” But, “It’s just not an event that Burroughs & Chapin chooses to support. We don’t have a Heterosexual March or Heterosexual Day. We don’t have a Protestant Day or Protestant March. We’re certainly not discriminating. We certainly welcome persons from all walks of life to our properties……Burroughs & Chapin cancelled a contract for the Village People to play at Celebrity Square, in the center of Broadway at the Beach. The outdoor location is directly controlled by Burroughs & Chapin…………

1998 DeGeneres and Gingrich changed their schedules to be able to attend the Myrtle Beach Pride rally because they were appalled by the stances Myrtle Beach Mayor Mark McBride and local developer Burroughs & Chapin Co. Inc. have taken regarding the festival.
A year ago, while a City Council member but not yet the mayor, McBride objected to a gay bar moving into the tourist area near the Myrtle Beach Pavilion amusement park. He also was the only council member to oppose closing city streets downtown for the Gay Pride Festival.
Burroughs & Chapin, one of the area’s largest landowners, wouldn’t allow the Village People to perform an outdoor concert on its property and asked tenants not to sponsor events for the festival. The company has said any and all people are welcome to visit its attractions.
But the company also changed its company slogan recently because it had included the word ”pride.”
”They’ve taken such an active, visible step to discriminate and to keep the [homosexual] community down here invisible,” Smith said, that is why DeGeneres and Gingrich felt so strongly that it was necessary to participate.
Gingrich, the half sister of U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., works as a field consultant and spokeswoman for the HRC. ……………
via Myrtle Beach Access

Posted on Thursday, May 26, 2005

MB mayor wants bike events nixed
McBride stands by comments about Bikefest attendees
By Emma Ritch
The Sun News

Myrtle Beach Mayor Mark McBride refused to apologize Tuesday for comments about black bikers and asked council members to cancel Saturday’s Atlantic Beach Bikefest events at the convention center……………

Mark McBride, mayor for eight years before John Rhodes defeated him in 2005, is running again this year, and one of his campaign planks is a five-day, city-sponsored motorcycle rally.

But when he was mayor, he consistently called for banning the events, wanted to call out the National Guard to control them and said he wanted to “nudge a biker” with his car because of objectionable T-shirt messages. source

After a couple attempts to get to Washington DC via US Senate runs , WMBF is reporting that former Myrtle Beach Mayor Mark McBride – perhaps the greatest use of political alliteration in history – will announce today that he will once again run to be King of the Redneck Riviera…. Clearly, there is a major split in Myrtle Beach. Yesterday, McBride was named director of the Grand Strand Chamber of Commerce, which on the surface seems to be in competition with the Myrtle Beach Chamber. The GSCOC says that their purpose is to focus more on non-tourism jobs, but it appears that the split is political and philosophical. source

Mark McBride, whose previous endeavors include extremely brief but humorous “challenges” to U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint, announced that he wasn’t happy with the local chamber of commerce. So, he’s starting his own.

The new chamber is against the 1 percent sales tax that goes into effect Saturday inside the city and said it will not accept any government funding.

Its plans include wiring all of Myrtle Beach for free wi-fi access in common areas and for low-income residents, encouraging businesses to relocate to the Myrtle Beach area and bring higher paying jobs, and creating business-to-business networks so that businesses are supporting each other.

To further their goal to rid the sales tax increase, McBride said he plans to approach Myrtle Beach City Council at Tuesday’s meeting with a petition he says he will have enough signatures by the end of the month to get the issue on the November ballot.

“Let the people decide,” McBride said.

Mark McBride on SenateMatch

Elmer Fudd Mark McBride answers ‘Elmer Fudd’ question

• Mark McBride. McBride was a young gun in his mid-30s when he was elected Mayor of Myrtle Beach in 1998. During his two terms (he lost to current mayor John Rhodes in 2006),McBride became as well-known for his run-ins with city council members and often controversial opinions as he did for his governing style. In 1998, his opposition to the S.C. Gay Pride festival being held in Myrtle Beach drew sharp criticism. The so-called “cleaning up” of the area around Ocean Boulevard was one of his pet causes, and he also weighed in on development schemes he didn’t favor. McBride twice tried to pursue a further political career with unsuccessful runs for the S.C. senate as a Republican in 2004 and an independent petition candidate in 2008. He currently lives in Conway with his wife and three kids, and runs OSM Consulting and Governmental Affairs in Myrtle Beach.,1269293


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