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I am reposting this from a friend….Please read it.

Adam Wong

Because there is a war going on- A war between antiquated, uncivilized and irrational beliefs and the hope for a peaceful, secure future for all people. Islam is the fastest growing religion, whose followers seek to establish a Islamic world order by any means necessary, not unlike the Christian manifest destiny that dominated the last several …centuries and decimated the native peoples of the Americas. The Middle East is embroiled in endless, petty wars over worthless tracts of land while threatening every human being in this planet with Biological and Thermonuclear weapons. Meanwhile, in the most well-educated and richest nation in the world, barbaric Bronze Age mythologies exposing genocide, talking snakes and flying sky-wizards are used as the moral authority to suppress evolution and stem-cell research and to deny basic human rights. And if you think that only big, old monotheistic religions are to blame, think again: Scientology is known to use Machiavellian tactics to swindle the gullible and Christian Science has made it legal to murder your child by shunning modern medicine and instead rely on prayer to cure diseases which are easily treatable. Everywhere, I see my rights disappearing. My tax dollars are being spent on pseudo-science and magic. Massive wealth and power is concentrated in the hands of the Vatican, who use this to demonize contraceptives that could save millions from AIDS. Innocent people, usually the poor and uneducated, are brainwashed with fantasy and pacified with the shallow comfort of salvation and life everlasting. Europe fell into the Dark Ages when religious fanaticism strangled any attempt at scientific progress- This could happen again except this time, we can truly destroy ourselves. Any crazy little country with some plutonium and a grudge can start a nuclear war that will, in all certainty, end life on planet Earth.


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