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Turkey help, ideas, fun, and leftovers

Well here we are down to the final day before Thanksgiving. And and you still have so much to do.
If The turkey will be the center of the day’s festivities, Have you decided how you will cook your turkey?
If not, you have time to do some research. Here are some Fun sites to guide you.
First  at the National Turkey Federation’s site has good turkey recipes. There are videos to help you with your bird. It even  has great ideas for leftovers. So, bookmark this site for after the big meal!
Now if you are going to fry your turkey, as Frying has become a popular way to cook turkeys in the past years. I love this method of turkey cooking because the turkey will come out So Savory I tell Ya! moist.
At LouAna’s web site, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for frying a turkey. But remember to read the instructions, and all safety tips!
Now the king Mama site is Butterball. After all, its the name that has become synonymous with the turkey. And they will help you to prepare a perfect turkey.
You’ll find tools to help you with cooking times. It will also help you with a shopping list to know what to buy. They have demonstration videos that are very helpful.
Butterball’s  Turkey Talk is a great service and its free. You can e-mail or call in with your turkey questions.
And for ideas visit All Recipes.

Trash Can Turkey
Before you laugh, just think about the last time that you ate a good turkey! There is something very important to remember… YOU CAN’T COOK VERY GOOD! Your turkey is DRY, Your Turkey is UGLY! Follow my tips and you will have the prettiest and juiciest turkey on the block! The best part It only takes ONE HOUR to cook a 12 lb turkey!! 
Char-Broil’s new infrared oil-less turkey fryer is the safe way to fry your turkey. And because it uses NO oil, it’s healthier, too. Prepare your turkey with the same injectable marinade you already use, or use seasoned rubs on the outside, which is not an option with traditional fryers. Cooks a turkey from start-to-finish just as quickly as oil-frying without the messy clean-up.

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And do not miss the

Garbage Can Turkey


Not the conventional way of cooking a turkey but the results are amazing and the bird tastes wonderful. Seasoning can be added but is not necessary.


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