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 OK OK are all of you on CRACK or what?  i am not 400LB i am not even fat? thats why i think yhis whole exchange is so funny….I am a 6 foot 2 male and i weigh 220 Pounds thats my ideal weight and i bought my first pair of 36 waist jeans yesterday and they fit perfect! i have worn 38 for years and that 36 is the first 36 since high school….So maybe Y’all should find someone else to call fat or obease because it just does not fit here……Have a great day or go jump in a lake i do not care!
It is probably time for Wesley to get a BMI (body mass index) and/or visit a Bariatric Surgeon. He is not alone; more and more of the population are suffeing from morbid obesity. I agree with Tiffany – it is not about looks – but about the health consequences. There are serious repercussions to a corpulent lifestyle. I’m against the GPS method as losing weight too quickly, like any sudden change to your body, can also be dangerous. You need a lifestyle change.

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