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due to threats made by Edge’s employer, Myrtle Beach real estate behemoth Burroughs and Chapin.

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a highly-publicized harassment case involving the husband of North Myrtle Beach’s mayor, Marilyn Hatley, is about to blow up again. That’s because the woman at the heart of this bizarre stalking case has been identified by FITS as Melissa Edge, wife of S.C. Rep. Tracy Edge (R-Horry).

Edge’s identity has been withheld from published reports due to threats made by Edge’s employer, Myrtle Beach real estate behemoth Burroughs and Chapin.  However, our sources say that Rep. Edge was unaware these threats were being made, and that the lawmaker has not intervened in the case inappropriately.

Originally, The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News claimed that its refusal to publish Mrs. Edge’s name was due to the “graphic nature of the comments allegedly made during the harrasment (sic).”
Mayor Hatley’s husband, David, is alleged to have stalked Mrs. Edge between February and May of 2008.
Previously-published incident reports – in which Mrs. Edge’s name was withheld – indeed paint a graphic image of his alleged behavior.

“On March 18th (of 2008) … David (Hatley) walked into my front door and began yelling obscenities,” one incident report quotes Mrs. Edge as saying. “He called me a slut and a whore and (said) that every cockhound in town would be calling me. I asked him to leave and instead he walked to the refrigerator and got out a drink.”
In another report, Mrs. Edge describes how Hatley followed her to a retail store and blocked her car so that she could not leave. He proceeded to yell obscenities at her in that exchange as well, according to her statement.
It’s not the only time Hatley’s name has found its way into the papers for bad behavior.
Pulled over for speeding four times from September of 2007 to January of this year, Hatley was ticketed only once.  Along with his wife, Hatley also has a history of failing to pay his property taxes on time.
In spite of the allegations against her husband, Marilyn Hatley was sworn in just last month to her third term as Mayor of North Myrtle Beach.

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