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I think it’s fairly obvious that he’s simply a bit embarrassed by the attention he has received regarding his excessive weight. No not at all to the contrary i love traffic on my sites Wes, have you gained most of this in the last year? No in reality i lost a few this year and love myself and my life
The facts are:
1) He has inquired about the process in his own blog   Humm You are a liar! i have 7 years of the same blog all public all at  please find the post and share the link w the world?

2) He received concerned attention about the surgery from his following I have a following? OMG that is so freakin cool!
3) He is, obviously, a strong candidate for GBS   and why at 6foot 2 inches and 220 pounds would i be in need of such? I am glad you are only a dumb ass and not a Doctor!
Whether he us fabricating his height and weight is neither here nor there. The photos of his face alone, posted by himself, demand he seek out a solution.  Well i have over 1000 photos on picasa, Facebook, and Myspace are full of photos, old and new. So unless you are blind or confused maybe you should relook in the mirror
People are really only showing compassion although he aggressively rebukes it. yes once again i point to i have my view spelled out, now i own 28 other web sites so im a pretty easy google search…just search wesley tyler……
No one, and I mean ‘no one’ can enjoy being as puffy and doughy as Mr Tyler appears. i know a 499 Lb man named Charles and he is fuck gorgeous i tell you!

I’m no expert “on any thing i bet” on whether Gastric Bypass Surgery will help him but, just like alcohilism, the first step is admitting it. You have some concerned supporters here Wes – let’s all discuss it in a civilized way.
Well mr ben or charlie or charles or man  va   whatever who ever  you got any thing to say or you gonna just blabber on wih lies and foolishness?
Your compadre,
Ben Campbell

Why would someone lead people on, PRENTEDING turn on spell check and wen did i pretend? please link everyone here to the page i did whatevr it is you say i did    please  to consider Gastric Bypass surgery –
“So im thinking before the gastric bypass ill make every recipe from…”  yes duh that was in responce to this nonsense about me needing GBS? i own
when you have no inkling at all in this area.
How can you blame people when you have made posts ‘claiming’ you are going under the knife. once more please link all the good people here with the PROOF AND A LINK TO MY SITE OR ANY FORUM I SUPOSEDLY POSTED ON     PLEASE? AND your posted photos ok ok once more LINK PLEASE LET THE WORLD SEE THESE PHOTOS YOU TALK OF      AMERICA YOU NEED POOF THE PEOPLE ON THIS FORUM ARE NOT STUPID, AND THEY DID NOT START USEING THE INTERNET YESTERDAY, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO START A RIOT OF HATERS TO KNOCK ME OVER… I CAN SEE THAT EACH AND EVERY POST COMES FROM A NAME AND PROFILE OF AN ACCOUNT JUST CREATED FOR THE SOLE REASON AS TO BE ABLE TO POST ON MY COMMENTS ON MY SITE AT WWW.WESLEYTYLER.COM AND ALL FROM THE SAME HOST BOX,  I C U certainly suggest that you require it… in a big way. You keep saying you are not the ‘fatso’ but, ummm, buddy – you sure are.

Mr. Tyler,
I’ve always enjoyed your spirited candor. O  have you now where and how is that? This is just a suggestion but perhaps you could post photos,i do often and if ya know randel he takes photos all the time and all my facebook/real world friends take photos all the damn time and they all upload them as well…so hey they are pleanty of real photos of the real wesley tyler so please link me if ya find any that look fake as shit like you perhaps as an animated gif, that can show your weight loss – like a ‘before and after’ scenario. I have a feeling i bet you do  the results could be both dramatic and encouraging to others. Thank you for your time.

All kidding aside i think a person can do whatever they want and free speech but dont just lie, i have done enough stuff in my life i am not proud of, why not just tell some of those if you want to talk smack you do not have to make it up


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