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“First of all, I went to 1 ***** meeting,… it was handled very un-professional. Second, the name is a great one to carry in this community when it is done as such, not with alot of cut-downs and negative actions by some of those who are directly involved with the organizing. I have got 9 negative responses by people compared to the one positive concerning anything associated with *****e ***** ****e here….. when I as an individual or a professional going out into the public want to share something connected with a group like this, I want to have ***** in sharing just this, not embarrassment because of the negative repercussions that has been fed into the actions through the meetings or even pre-hand circumstances, let alone the after meeting agendas…when in a meeting for this, should all the non-related topics be posted in this as like a gossip column? Be professional…..The mention of community efforts in working together in definitely a priority,… with the group that seems to hover the main call on things at this time, the community will not be strong in that way….. As for as events/fund raisers are concerned, when you can not settle on a date and follow through with it as set time/date….umm what?   this will push away many sponsors as well as supporters of the cause…. I tried to allow a small amount of these things in the time frame that we visited there at the meeting before… but was told that I could respond at the next meeting…. I think that it really could have helped the situation a lot sooner if it could have been addressed then and not put off…so in plain english…your feelings got hurt, and you did not speak up for your self.. I have helped with many others in all types fund raising before in pulling together lots of donations as well as support from businesses and individuals. look at what i can do… so bothered by how this is being destroyed by such bad directions of un-professional actions..o are you now? maybe just power hungry..”

  • Typical! why did you never “stand up”, instead remaining silent and not trying to do anything to change it, and then bitching about it after the fact.

 “well the group in reference was still there that was placing themselves as elite….”

  • Your opinion

“giving of oneself should be an honor, not felt to be a have-to situation…that is why it is refered to as volunteering…. taking initiative in giving of oneself in things can be a beautiful thing.. but when there are those that demand or do not allow positive growth in it, then it starts to become an un-accepting activity to be a part in….”

  •  i agree

 : “that is great you do work with him,…however he shot down my beginning intro of some things that could be positive for the whole community, as well as those willing to sponsor/support such causes,… needless to say that it severed many newer opportunities to grow in this type of community efforts for M B>PRIDE…. as the others have shared even reading the minutes of such un-professional written minutes of meeting trying to place a group together as I say it together again…. but we all have our view to this, but in the end there are many, many that have chose to stay clear of such un-professional actions to help raise awareness or funding for OUR COMMUNITY…… believe me, when they experienced the things so far, their voices have been heard by those that were originally interested in being a part of something worth-while for OUR COMMUNITY….. it is an effort of working together, not where what just a few wants and decides, that is only considered nor should it be where the few will be subject to be heard at meetings when there can be new people and new ideas that have relevance to what is in new business or even the old business that is still mentioned for discussion…as for as volunteering for doing things in Pride, then that should be just what it is,… great for you to get paid for doing things for this project,… wonderful for Gary to pay you in doing it,…. but in all reality, it was thought to be a volunteer project … pay to be involved….. so are you truly offering your talents and work in it as volunteer or doing it just through the pay-check…. big differences…. And We have patronized the ***** *** store…so it is not like we hate anyone ,… we are just truly concerned as to where this ** *****  is headed…” are you are you now?

“So is it your decision or is it members of ** ***** that has voted on me to do this crawling action…..? I want your texted response so it can be viewded by the public as you share that with me….” its obvious to everyone it is one person talking to you here, not the group, you do not want to know what i think about you!

“All I can say at this point is …. This texts should be shared wth those involved at the next meeting ,… it is a very strong issue that has come up to be presented,… and recognize that you are at an age acting like that by calling me something that you feel is a terrible name that is okay for you to try to slander my character here…do you not even know the meaning of slander?. but it only shows the level of where the ***** group is at now…. Drama that is used to try to get the way that is only to allow them personal comfort…” 

: “We will print everything here to have as back-up information to refer to as it is shared with the right levels of the community..     ooooo ahhhh the right levels…wtf are you talking about here man? sounds like you want to start an elite group, like a group not open to all but invitation only.. so be a responsible adult, and be willing to allow positive growth in such a matter…. and for me to go away, it should not be a decision that should be made solely by you,… maybe by the whole community… but not you….” i vote GO AWAY

“These things were to be offered, but the small elite group was not respondent to it… and I am not one to blast those who are sincere in any true efforts in community efforts/involvements.  YOU SHORE DID BLAST ME AND ALL I EVR DID WAS GOOD BY THE COMMUNITY.. but if you feel that you have the position to say just what you have texted to me… then it can be refferenced as such in any future situations brought to light…. this will be saved for others to look upon and read with a better understanding as what peoples are connected to this group known as *B *****….” DAMN I WANT TO SEE

“thank you for your input, all this is saved to print for media, and the public to share reading it…” I BET HES SCARED

  “I am a part of the solution to building a better community for all who are in Alterative living…. and those who support such…. so if you can not handle the truths in such things as that,…. you need to step back and re-focus on what you just said in telling me to crawl back into a hole… this whole situation here seems to be needing alot of public awareness… maybe some media coverage…. that should bring the brightest light to the real directions in it all…. let the good of it shine,… but anything else can be aired and cleaned -up like it should have been before I became involved with interests…” WHAT?

“the negativity from previous actions has sent the most in a direction away from wanting to be associated to this group,… let alone for others to want to work together…building up our community in a project as this…”  I I THINK YOU NEED TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK SON. 


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