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Odd Round italian Cukumber maybe a “Tondo di Manduria”

So i have this odd Melon looking thing growing in my garden, its a vine but i think it is a cucumber?    


From Garden 2011


From Garden 2011


From Garden 2011

(Cucumis melo) Round to oval shaped melon with pale green skin, which is fuzzy on immature fruits. Its early fruits are used as a cucumber which has a mild sweet taste. Oy is sweeter and more crunchy than regular cucumbers, and never gets bitter. One of our family favorites! It is best when picked 2.5-3″ long with rind still light green and slightly fuzzy.

  • Italian origin.
  • a.k.a. Italian Round Cucumber, Carosello Tondo Liscio di Manduria, or Tondo Liscio.


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